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The Sectional Couch & Why You Want It

Sectional sofas have made a name for themselves in the furniture world and understandably so. A sectional couch is more than just comfortable – it’s practical, too! It can help define your space, add seating for guests and so much more. 

Okay, we cheated. We already know you’re interested in a sectional couch because you’re visiting this webpage. And, we’d like to congratulate you. You’ve come to the right place! Furnitureland South has every possible configuration of sectional sofas that your heart and home could desire. 

Reasons to Purchase a Sectional

Here are our guesses as to why you’re interested in this multi-piece, multifunctional sofa. Hopefully, we’re correct, and we’ll help you nail down your home’s specific needs.

  1. You’re interested in this type of sofa because it offers enough seating to entertain in your home. 

This is a great reason to purchase a sectional! May we suggest a leather sectional that won’t mind a little salsa or spaghetti sauce spill here or there? 

  1. You’ve heard that sectional sofas are highly configurable. 

It’s true! Somewhere around 90% of all the manufacturers that Furnitureland South carries offer customizable furniture, and this includes sectionals. Some manufacturers even offer reclining sectionals!

  1. You have an open floor plan, but you’d like to distinguish the living room from the dining room. 

Yes, sectionals offer seating, design flexibility, and they can serve as a low-interference room divider. What can’t a sectional sofa do?

Did any of these reasons for purchasing a sectional ring true for you? If so, go ahead and enlist the help of one of our expert Design Consultants to configure your perfect sectional couch today! Schedule your FREE design consultation to get started.