Patio Umbrellas

3 Overshadowed Things You Should Know About Outdoor Umbrellas

Need a little more shade in your backyard or on your patio than your porch provides naturally? Patio umbrellas are a fun and functional way to stay out of direct sunlight on a budget. ... The trick to finding the perfect patio sunshade is to thoughtfully consider the size, maneuverability, and performance your space needs. When shopping for an outdoor umbrella, be sure to think about your space's design. Just like interior design follows certain special rules, your outdoor living space should fit properly, too. Will this umbrella be used to cover a table? How much space are you able to designate for the umbrella? How much shaded area are you hoping for on your patio? What other furniture will it be surrounded by? Do you need a cantilever patio umbrella? Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be on the right track to finding the perfect patio umbrella for your backyard oasis.

In terms of function, you want your new outdoor umbrella to, of course, provide the proper amount of shade, but this doesn’t matter much if you’re not able to raise and lower the umbrella yourself. Be sure to test its crank or other lift systems to make sure that you’ll be able to easily open and close the umbrella depending on the weather.

One of the more commonly overlooked qualities your patio sunshade should have is a performance fabric. Most people consider performance fabric for their outdoor sofas and chairs but forget about it when the fabric would physically be located outside of the drop zone for spills. This mistake can cost your umbrella years of its lifespan. Performance fabrics protect umbrellas from mildew that naturally grows over time on outdoor fabrics.

Whether you need a large sunshade or an offset patio umbrella, Furnitureland South carries the perfect one for your space. Plan your visit to our showroom to find a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from.


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