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Vanguard Furniture Company, a North Carolina-based manufacturer, brings distinction and beauty to each and every hand-finished piece. Vanguard’s furnishings are designed to enrich the personal and creative style of your home, with collections offering a variety of options in style, textures, trims, and finishes.

Vanguard Furniture is known for its magnificent, fashion-forward designs and commitment to environmental sustainability. Vanguard emphasizes reducing waste and continuing to be thoughtful about selecting environmentally conscious materials, from the suppliers they select to the manufacturing process.

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When shopping with Vanguard, customization is easy. Renowned for their craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, they offer an assortment of options on 95% of products. From Vanguard sofas to Vanguard beds, each piece of furniture is handcrafted to accentuate its natural character, making it a unique creation.