The Retreat Gallery

American Styles With Casual Elegance

The Retreat Gallery

The Retreat Gallery at Furnitureland South was conceived as a response to the shifting dynamics of modern living, particularly in light of the transformative experiences during the COVID era. As people spent more time in their homes, the demand for living spaces that exude tranquility, relaxation, and casual elegance soared. Drawing inspiration from the Southeastern United States, with its breathtaking landscapes of both mountains and coastlines, the Retreat Gallery was designed to evoke a feeling of comfortably elegant living.

The Retreat Gallery features spaces that evoke various lifestyles, from Modern Mountain decor to California Casual, and American Traditional with a relaxed Nantucket vibe. The overall theme is creating spaces that bring happiness through beautiful living spaces that align with how people want to live today.

California Coastal

Embrace the heart of California Coastal design, where the use of lighter woods, natural textures, and the coastal colors of the shore blend seamlessly to create a relaxed, casual, and sophisticated atmosphere. This style exudes a vintage and rustic charm, enhanced by coastal textures and accents that transport you to the tranquil coastal ambiance you've been longing for. This style was meticulously crafted with renowned brands like Four Hands, Rowe, Dovetail, Made Goods, Hooker Furniture, Loloi, and others.

Pictured: Oaklynn Chair 227736-005 | Dusk Tides WLD2586 | Hayden Sofa Q135-003 | Sol Cocktail Table LL206-23 | Triad Table LL103-32 | Calabria One Light Table Lamp PTL1010 | Mimi 4 Door Cabinet 1210685

Coastal Modern

Step into the realm of Modern Coastal Paradise. This style is a refreshing and simplified take on traditional coastal decor, offering a subtle nod to the beachy lifestyle. It incorporates natural textures, clean lines, and layers of various neutrals to evoke a serene and inviting ambiance. To craft this unique style, we used beautiful pieces from brands like Bernhardt, Hooker Furniture, Palacek, Worlds Away, Precedent, and more.

Pictured: Strings Attached Lounge Chair 7918-19+8341-64 | Hailey Coffee Table 51000057 | Asher Modular Sectional P606-SECT | Drift Wood Composition WPH1942 | Georgian Table Lamp 13-1372WT | Nigel Side Table SCH-162030

Coastal Cottage

Experience the Coastal Cottage style, where relaxing comfort and timeless charm come together effortlessly. This inviting aesthetic boasts natural textures, classic beach colors, and a bright, airy atmosphere. With its distressed finishes, it exudes a cozy and charming ambiance that welcomes you with open arms. To curate this enchanting look, we've selected pieces from brands like Bramble, Essentials for Living, Nest Home Collections, Villa & House, Gabby, and others.

Pictured: Mornington Linen Wrapped Night Stand 76575 | Chevron Bone Table Lamp 13-1201 | Oval Bench, Cerused Oak BEALE CO | Elise Embroidered Sage Decorative Pillow PC4012-PIL1640 | Modern Fern Impression 29411 | Cela Dining Chair 6601.BISQ/NG | Console/Desk w/ Barley Twist Leg 23583 | Rogelio Bookcase/Room Divider 1212775 | Henry Chandelier CHAHENRYLG3028GL | Sydney King Bed JPRS-030K

Mountain Modern

Experience the essence of Mountain Modern style, where soft natural textures, clean lines, and organic elements seamlessly blend in a neutral color palette. This aesthetic is curated with brands like Riverside Furniture, Surya, Hooker Furniture, Bernhardt, Four Seasons, and more, resulting in a refined and contemporary interpretation of mountain living.

Pictured: Mushroom Counter Stool 2510250 | Massa Table Lamp 64v99 | End Table 5914-80113-00 | Spencer 2 Seat Sofa with Bench Seat 19390sbs-wn | 54x36 Alpine Wonders 52MW0372-C | Kalani Wood Wall Decor, Set Of 3 04085 | Cesar Chair 235209-003 | Strata Cocktail Tables 382030 and 382031

Cape Cod & Nantucket

Discover the Cape Cod and Nantucket style, a fusion of coastal elegance and rustic charm. This distinctive aesthetic weaves stripe patterns and natural textures into a refined rustic backdrop, evoking an airy and beachy spirit. Nautical accents add the perfect finishing touch. To craft this unique style, we've curated pieces from brands like Woodbridge Furniture, Hooker Furniture, Theodore Alexander, Barclay Butera, Rowe, and more. These brands collectively shape a coastal haven that transports you to the shores of New England, where timeless beauty meets relaxed sophistication.

Pictured: Osborne Upholstered Slipcover Host Chair 12158 | Emerson Trestle Dining Table 57650 | Myra X-Back Side Chair 59347 | Ruffled Feathers Vases, Set Of 2 17963 | Sinclair Jade/Sand 7'6" x 9'6" A SINCSIN-05JDSA7696 | Emerson Buffet 57654 | Charleston Three Drawer Accent Chest 6750-85017-38 | Starfish Sculpture, Set Of 2 20091 | Shells I MEW-8-424 | Kenya Cow Bone Drum Beads per String 2503 | 8' Travelers Palm In Tall Reed Basket T-23-107A-545 | Fitzjames Black Large Lantern 9160

The Storybook Chair LL704-41

Lilah Slip Swivel Rocker LILAH-SLIP-007

Palm Beach

Immerse yourself in the Palm Beach style, a vivacious and exhilarating design that captures the very essence of a glamorous paradise. This aesthetic seamlessly melds natural textures, lively patterns, and a vibrant palette of colors, evoking the carefree spirit of Palm Beach living. To curate this vibrant style, we've carefully selected pieces from brands like Worlds Away, Gabby, Tommy Bahama Home, Bramble, and others.

Pictured: Raleigh Club Chair RAL-565-09 | Lacquered Heavy Linen Side Table BDM-110-539 | Parasol Lamp DC49018 | Gold Leaf Rectangular Coffee Table Beveled Class TAYLOR G | Marleigh Sofa MARLEIGH-002


Escape to a vibrant and colorful oasis with Tropical decor. This design celebrates natural elements, reminiscent of the sea breeze and the beach. With the help of brands like Universal, Essentials for Living, Worlds Away, and Villa & House, we've brought the tropical look to life, creating a space that radiates the vibrant and relaxing charm of a beachside getaway.

Pictured: Laguna Dining Chair 6833.WHT-S/WHT/NR | Shelter Slipcover Arm Chair 6665.LPPRL/NGB | Canal Extension Dining Table 8039.SGRY-PNE/BGLD | Ombre Wood Bead Chandelier 16-1179 | Bryant Linen 3-Drawer Side Table BRY-130-5199 | Kerry Table Lamp SCH-192163 | Seabrook King Bed 833220B | Machai Round Mirror 09333 | Parasol Lamp DC49018 | Blue Turtle TLB1050-I-612L