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As the design trend of incorporating earthy materials into interior spaces becomes more well known, we've noticed that stone furniture is also making its way into luxury home design. Before you start looking for ways to integrate the interior stone trend into your space, the Furnitureland South team wanted to teach you about the origins, versatility, and possibilities that come with this incredibly resilient material.

First, let's dive into the types of stone we've been seeing in home furnishings and decor. The three main groups of stone are sedimentary (limestone, sandstone and travertine), metamorphic (marble and shale), and volcanic (granite). Quartz and bluestone are honorable mentions, as they have also been used for a while and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Types of Stone









"I think stone is a major component of home furnishings that we're seeing now, and we're going to see even more in the next couple years. "

- Becky Greene, Executive Director of Merchandising

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As our Director of Merchandising Becky Greene said, “I think stone is a major component of home furnishings that we’re seeing now, and we’re going to see even more in the next couple years.”

The history of interior stone trends dates back to the 16th century and continues to stretch across multiple areas of home design today. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy was completed in 80 AD using travertine, and now we are seeing travertine being used for end tables, coffee tables, benches, vases and other home accessories.

The resurgence of stone and marble’s popularity beyond countertops is something to take note of, as these stone furniture pieces are durable and often have a subdued color that makes their design last for generations. Likewise, the natural beauty of stone is a huge benefit because it matches any style or design.

So, why should you consider bringing interior stone trends into your home? As I mentioned before, stone is durable, unique, low maintenance and timeless.

Stone appeals to the masses because of its diversity. No two stone or marble pieces will be the exact same because it is next to impossible to recreate the original. That said, you are guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind piece.

On the other hand, the variations in stone furniture can also be seen as a disadvantage. You could fall in love with a marble-topped dining table in the store and have the exact table delivered with a different pattern appearing due to the nature of the material.

We should also note that stone furniture and decor is extremely heavy. If you are planning to purchase multiple large stone items, make sure you are prepared with "all hands on deck" when they are delivered.

Tiffin Nesting Tables

Stone furnishings are exquisite in their adaptability, and we want to show off a few of our brands that have introduced this trend into their product lines.

Bernhardt Furniture incorporated marble onto the Tiffin Nesting Tables for a contemporary take on the interior stone trend.

For the traditional furniture lovers looking to add a little something to their space, Theodore Alexander created the Formalities Side Table with a veined marble black top and mahogany base.

Lexington Home Brands has created wonderful pieces around this trend. The Stone Canyon Cocktail Table is a 48-inch silver travertine-topped table with a silver leaf frame, and the Shadow Mountain Square Cocktail Table features a four-inch thick, Anticato marble top and wooden base. Lexington's Santa Clara Hall Chest with Stone Top is also a showstopper with a tiger brown travertine top and metal accents.

Universal Furniture is making stone dreams come true with the Escape Bedside Table with Stone Top.

if stone accents are what you're looking for, then Four Hands has the perfect selection for you. The Marble CHain adds a touch of modern to every space.

No matter what your personal style is, these interior stone trends have the ability to elevate your home in vast ways. Schedule your free design consultation at Furnitureland South to learn more!

Formalities Side Table

Stone Canyon Cocktail Table

Santa Clara Hall Chest

Shadow Mountain Square Cocktail Table

Escape Bedside Table

Marble Chain