Home for the Holidays

Getting Your Space Ready for the Festive Season, November 2023

Explore Creative Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

With the year coming closer to an end, our attention naturally gravitates towards the holiday season a time for family togetherness, delicious treats, heartfelt gifting, and the joy of decking the halls in our homes. In this blog, we will explore creative ways to get your home ready for the holidays, crafting a harmonious and enchanting space that welcomes both guests and the spirit of the season.

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Fusion of Festive Accents and Existing Furniture

The holiday season offers a unique opportunity to infuse your home with a touch of magic and elegance. By seamlessly integrating festive accents into your existing furniture arrangement, you can create an inviting atmosphere that exudes warmth and luxury. Let s explore creative ways to blend your everyday furniture with holiday décor.

Transforming your living spaces into a holiday haven doesn t mean you have to completely overhaul your furniture. Instead, it s about strategically integrating festive elements that complement your existing pieces. Our partners at Huntington House suggest that if you enjoy changing your décor throughout the year to celebrate the seasons, it is best to begin by choosing neutral fabrics such as creams or warm grays on your largest furniture pieces like sofas and sectionals

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This creates a beautiful and versatile blank canvas for your space that will allow you the freedom to experiment with a variety of accent color palettes.

When crafting your holiday look, Zodax, a leader in home accessories, suggests two distinct styles. For a traditional feel, opt for classic colors like red, green, and gold that exude warmth and nostalgia, and then change it all to pastels when spring rolls back around.

If you are seeking a modern look, go for minimalist tones such as whites, blues, silvers, and cool shades while incorporating sleek ornaments, geometric shapes, and contemporary lighting. You can also combine both styles for a unique and personalized look.

When creating spaces that bring joy and lasting memories, focus on key areas like the mantel, adorned with garlands and ornaments, the central Christmas tree with lights and ribbons, the entrance foyer welcoming guests with wreaths and scents, and windows adorned with garlands. For your larger furniture pieces add holiday pillows, throws, and runners for a cozy and festive touch

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Dining Table

At the heart of holiday gatherings and festive feasts, the dining table takes center stage in your home during the holiday season. Hooker Furniture recommends a harmonious blend of size, style, and functionality to create a captivating space that enhances the holiday ambiance.

Consider the size of the room the table will be in. Remember that guests will need to be able to walk behind other seated guests. Choose a table that is small enough to accommodate foot traffic.

If you don’t need a large table year round, consider expandable options. For example, leaf tables, such as the Skovby 33 Dining Table. These offer the flexibility to effortlessly adjust and add extra space. Many tables even include storage within for the extra leaves when not in use.

Space Saving Furniture Solutions for Seamless Gatherings

Maximizing your available space becomes essential for hosting seamless holiday gatherings. Palliser suggests innovative furniture solutions that can optimize your home’s space and create an ambiance of sophistication and functionality. From strategic seating arrangements to transformative multi-purpose pieces, these ideas will ensure your home is holiday-ready without sacrificing style.

Sleeper Sofas & Sectionals: Offering both seating and sleeping space all in one, sleeper sofas come in a variety of sizes, from single to queen. These aren’t your grandma’s sleeper sofas. Today’s sleeper comes in a wide variety of styles and offer many mattress options for extra comfort. Whether you have out-of-town family, or unexpected overnight guests, sleeper sofas are perfect for the holidays!

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Modular Sofas: Consider modular sofas that can be arranged to suit different gathering needs, ensuring everyone has a comfortable seat while maintaining an open feel.

Storage Ottomans & Chaises: Create additional room for discreetly stowing clutter or keeping spare blankets and pillows ready for overnight guests.

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Merging Furniture Trends with Festive Flair

In recent years, the furniture industry has witnessed a significant shift towards cozy and comfortable home furnishings, attributed to the increasing amount of time people were spending indoors during the pandemic. Here are a few ways to incorporate this cozy trend with the warm and snug ambiance of the holiday season:

Tall Back Upholstery: It's almost impossible to beat the relaxing comfort of a soft tall cushion. Sofas and chairs are trending taller, due to the luxurious comfort that this design element brings.

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Faux Fur: Nothing says winter comfort like plush fur. Adding faux fur accent pillows and throw blankets is an easy way to instantly up the cozy factor in your living room or bedroom.

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Velvet: Velvet is another trend that has exploded in the past several years on sofas, sectionals, chairs, and pillows. Velvet is the perfect way to give yourself the royal treatment and turn your home into the lap of luxury.

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Ordering Furniture Ahead of the Holiday Rush

Amid the excitement of the approaching holiday season, taking proactive steps towards ordering your furniture ahead of time can be your key to a stress-free and luxurious holiday experience.

It’s never too early to prepare for guests. Furnitureland South opens a realm of virtually limitless possibilities for your home. If you can envision it, we have the means to bring it to life. However, exceptional furniture, crafted by skilled hands from natural materials, demands a timeframe for meticulous creation and delivery rather than automated production lines. To guarantee your ideal selections are ready to welcome holiday guests, it's important to place your order at least 2-3 months in advance to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

For those last minute pieces Furnitureland South does offer many in stock options. Schedule a free Design Consultation with one of our expert designers to find what you need in time for the holidays.

Let the Holidays Begin

With the approaching holiday season, this blog post has paved the way for a harmonious and joyful preparation. By infusing festive accents into your existing furniture, curating the perfect dining table, maximizing space efficiency, and merging comfort trends with seasonal charm, these insights promise a stress-free and elegant holiday experience. By embracing these recommendations alongside ordering your furniture pieces ahead of time, you're ready to create a welcoming, unforgettable holiday atmosphere that will be cherished by all.