Spring 2023 High Point Furniture Market Trends

Discover the latest trends showcased at the 2023 Spring Furniture Market.
From vibrant prints to innovative river rock forms, this market had it all.

Precedent leans into bold colors and geometric patterns that pack a punch


Spring 2023 High Point Market was an exciting event that showcased a wide range of trends in the world of furniture and home decor. In this blog post, we will dive into the latest trends that emerged from this season’s market and explore some fun ways you can incorporate them into your own home. From bold prints and colors to river rock forms, new traditional designs, warm and moody tones, natural and sustainable materials, and cohesive color schemes, there was certainly something for everyone at this year's market.

Bold Prints and Colors

One of the dominant trends seen at market this season was the use of bold prints and vibrant colors. Pink and magenta, inspired by the 2023 Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta, were particularly prevalent. This market showcased a plethora of bright blues, colorful and bold wallpapers, moody color schemes, feather light fixtures, and geometric wallpaper. Brands such as Lillian August, Elk Home, Taylor King, Gabby, Rowe, and Precedent emphasized these vivid and beautiful trends.

Pro tip: A fun way you can incorporate bold prints and colors into your home is by starting small and working your way up if you are new to embracing pops of color.

Consider adding throw pillows and blankets to beds and sofas. You can also play with colorful wall art, mirror frames, and other decorative pieces. If you are feeling bold (pun intended), add a colorful chair or ottoman and see how you like it before diving deep with colors. At Furnitureland South, our Design Consultants can help you customize your color scheme to help build your own personal, colorful oasis.

Pictured: Barrett Chair 4182-C by Precedent

Elk Home's showroom used playful butterflies and tropicals to add color and vibrancy.



Rowe's showroom mixed moody lighting with saturated colors and pops of neon.

The Eichholtz showroom introduced more organic forms to mimic riverstones.

River Rock Forms and Curvilinear Designs

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Mother Nature and its imperfect shapes, the trend of river rock forms and curvilinear designs made a notable impact at this market. Eichholtz displayed innovative and stunning sofas with weighted pieces that mimicked the curves and neutral colors of river rocks, creating a harmonious blend of elegance, coziness, and functionality. This trend also extended to upholstery, featuring soothing and soft edges.

Other brands, including Moe's Home Collection, Vanguard, and Natuzzi, also embraced this nature-inspired trend, offering unique and captivating furniture pieces that will wow your guests and create a conversation. You can incorporate this unique trend into your home with funky pillows, beanbag chairs, curved sofas, or coffee tables with a curvilinear design.

Pictured: Residenza Sofa A117664 by Eichholtz

Designmaster paired very traditional decor with transitional furniture, blending comfort with class.

New Traditional

Contrary to popular belief, traditional furniture remains in vogue. At this market, there was a resurgence of traditional styles, but with a modern twist. Gorgeous browns took center stage, providing a nod to traditional furniture while incorporating fun patterns and bright colors to infuse a sense of contemporary design. Brands such as Hooker, Theodore Alexander, Century, and Chelsea House seamlessly blended traditional elements with modern aesthetics, offering homeowners an exciting way to update their spaces with a touch of timeless charm.

You can incorporate this trend into your home by adding a classy chandelier to brighten up your space. If you have traditional brown furniture, add a modern twist to it by adding pops of color and vibrant patterns to the upholstery. You can also add modern accents and accessories to give your traditional furniture a new look.

Pictured: Designmaster Bel Air Arm Chairs 01-803-AB



Hickory Chair blends traditional motifs with a contemporary color scheme. Candler King Bed HC1555-10 | Tuxedo Chest HC1568-70 | Ansley Slipper Chair HC1507-23

Four Hands showcased a newer take on a neutral pallette by introducing more warmth than we've seen in the last several years.

Warm and Moody Tones

Creating an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, the use of warm and moody tones in furniture and home decor was another popular trend. Leather and velvet upholstery, along with saturated walls, set the stage for a cozy and inviting ambiance. Deep tones such as brown and plaid patterns were particularly popular choices, creating a luxurious scene that exuded comfort and style.

Pro tip: Mix rich browns with saturated walls and plaid patterns for a cozy and inviting ambiance.

You can achieve a warm and moody feel in your home with leather. At Furnitureland South, our Leather Gallery offers endless options for you to choose from. From brown leather to red leather, we have everything you need to create a warm and moody ambiance in your home. Wood stains and home accessories are also excellent ways to set the stage for a warm and moody room.

Pictured: Four Hands Halston Bed 232427-001 | Felix Large Nightstand 234788-001 | Nour Table Lamp 227539-003

Hickory White combined soft browns with a deep slate to balance the warmth of the room. Oasis Credenza 600-21 | Primland Trestle Dining Table 600-11 | Peyson Bench Upholstered Seat 603-82 | Tally Arm Chair 6508-01 | Wyatt Chair 601-64

Vanguard used a grapefruit color pallette, layering a vibrant pink bench over a more understated rose and moss combination.

Tone on Tone Designs

This market also showcased the trend of tone-on-tone designs, where layers of the same color were artfully combined with a mix of patterns to create a subtly bold look. Brands like Universal, Vanguard, and Huntington House showcased furniture pieces that featured this sophisticated design approach, which created a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic.

Pictured: Lark Bench in Vello Petal V7001-BE | Medley Nightstand 7002N2-LT | Daphne/Dover King Bed 515CK-PF


Chaddock paired a green leopard print with bright green walls. Tableau Dining Table 1761-20 | Futura Credenza 1761-21 | Dawson Chair Z-940-26

Phillip's Collection is deeply investedin producing sustainable furniture. Their Origins collections utilizes every piece of the discarded trees they are made from.

Natural and Sustainable Materials

As eco-consciousness continues to rise, the incorporation of natural and sustainable materials in furniture design gained significant traction at the 2023 Spring High Point Market. Brands like Phillips Collection, Eichholtz, and Huntington House featured earthy tones, bleached wood, organic materials, stone, burl, and teak, inspiring beautiful pieces that celebrated the beauty of nature. With the help of Furnitureland South, you can furnish your home with environmentally friendly options that blend seamlessly with various interior styles. Visit our 400-foot Eco-Link that showcases eco-friendly furniture crafted with reclaimed and recycled materials.

Pictured: Origins High Back Dining Chair TH59559 | Freeform Wall Decor | Freeform Console Table | Origins Dining Table Live Edge | Origins Arm Chair



Villa & House added a few pieces in burl-wood to their Emil line of casegoods. Picture: Emil Coffee Table EMI-300-24

Huntington House expertly ties the sofa and the swivel chair together with a soft mauve.

Cohesive Color Schemes

Another exciting trend witnessed at this spring market was the use of cohesive color schemes, where multiple elements within a space shared the same color. From wall colors that matched the hue of sofas and cushioned pillows to accessories that harmonized with the overall color palette, this approach created a visually unified and aesthetically pleasing environment. You can easily create a cohesive color scheme in your home by matching accents such as pillows and accessories with a similar color hue. If you want to go all the way, you can match your wall color with your sofa or accent chairs.

Pictured: New Huntington House Sofa and Ottoman Coming Soon! | Cullen Swivel Chair 7279-56


Nuevo tied a living room setting and dining set together with a rich rose throughout wall color and upholstery. Claudio Dining Table HGNA585 | Robbie Ottoman HGSN463 | Willa Dining Chair HGSN363 | Dylan Pendant HGRA540 | The Galaxy Pendant HGSK284

Lillian August presented a more subdued version of the magenta trend with a more muted color pallete and a mixture of traditional patterns.

Pinks, Violets, and Maroons

Throughout this market, pinks, violets, and maroons made a significant impact. These captivating shades were found in various forms, including beautiful artwork, live florals, floral accents, and wallpapers. As the 2023 Pantone color of the year was Viva Magenta, it came as no surprise that these hues took center stage. Brands such as Century, Lillian August, Hickory White, and Wesley Hall incorporated these colors in their offerings, inspiring homeowners with opportunities to add bold pops of pink that inject life and vibrancy into every room. You can use wallpaper, florals, accent pieces, or artwork to easily incorporate these beautiful colors to your home. If you want to go bigger, you can add a magenta or violet sofa that is sure to wow your guests.

Pictured: Jana Chair LA1130C | Pietro Console Table LA26336 | Carpenter Brass Mirror LA23340-01 | Cosmos Spot Table LW10326 | Kelton Cube Ottoman LA8103OT



Century started things out with a splash displaying a bold magenta entrance. Eyre Chair 11-2114 | Garrison Credenza SF6078


This Spring Market unveiled a plethora of exciting trends that are sure to captivate interior design enthusiasts and homeowners alike. From bold prints and colors to river rock forms, new traditional designs, warm and moody tones, natural and sustainable materials, and cohesive color schemes, there was an abundance of inspiration for every style preference. At Furnitureland South, we bring the latest trends and best brands directly to you, offering unbeatable prices and unparalleled service. Experience the magic of High Point Market and transform your home with the trends of the season. Schedule a free design consultation today to get started!

Pictured: Lillian August Sectional Coming Soon!