Bold Style & Confident Interior Design Trends

3 Bold Interior Design Statements from the October 2019 Furniture Market

Saturated Colors, Bold Wall Art, & Animal Prints Galore!

High Point, North Carolina – Furnitureland South sent its best interior designers, merchandisers and buyers to the High Point Furniture Market to get the latest scoop on home décor trends, fashions and designs. When they returned to their offices at the world’s largest furniture store, they said that being confident and bold in your room designs is trending.

Saturated color, bold wall art and animal prints were everywhere! “Fashion and design go hand in hand. Whatever you see trending in fashion, you will more than likely see in interiors,” Furnitureland South Merchandising Designer Sarabeth Easter said. “Not only did I see bright colors, bold art and animal prints in furniture showrooms, I also saw them walking around on the streets!”

It's not a coincidence that these interior design trends are showing up together. This season is full of confident and bold designs. Instead of blending in, these three trends stand out and make daring statements about bringing the fun back into interior designs.

“Over the past few furniture markets, we’ve seen gray everywhere – in finishes, fabrics, paint colors, accents, etc. I think people got a little burned out seeing every shade of gray out there,” Easter said. “Of course, gray is a great neutral, but I think adding in pops of color and bold patterns are a great and easy way to change up your scenery a bit whether you’re a merchandiser or a homeowner.”

While manufacturer showrooms may be examples of over-the-top styles we love, Easter said there are small ways you can stay on trend without breaking the bank. “Take inspiration from galleries and add bits and pieces to your home,” she said. “If you want to keep up with the latest trends, simple things like throw pillows, art, rugs or freshly painted walls can update your space without overtaking your budget.”

While hanging a larger than life, abstract painting on your wall may feel too risky for your style, Furnitureland South Retail Merchandising Manager, Jordan Moser, believes these trends can be used and enjoyed by everyone.

“These trends give you options so that no matter what your style is or how deeply committed you are, you can apply these styles,” Moser said. “If you prefer traditional and more conservative furniture, you may feel that utilizing saturated color is as risky as you want to get. However, if you love contemporary furniture designs, you may be comfortable with mixing bold wall art and animal print! It’s all up to you!”

Moser and Easter agree that you’ll be able to spot these home décor trends in homes for years to come. luxury cheetah print arm chairs with cutout backsAll the best trends, while they may disappear for a season or two, tend to resurface with a contemporary twist. Animal prints, for example, are more casual than in years past, but they’re back with vengeance in the form of faux fur and stylish fabrics.

So how do we incorporate these bold statements? Moser gave us a few easy suggestions to update our homes with these fashionable trends. “These can easily be incorporated into any home,” she said. “First, consider using saturated color for your upholstery, pillows, bedding or even wall color. These are all great ways of adding color to a neutral room. Second, add bold wall art to a dining room or foyer that would otherwise lack décor. Lastly, step out of your comfort zone and incorporate the animal print of your choice into small items like a throw pillow, decorative accessory or lamp!”

You can find interior design trends like these inside Furnitureland South’s OnTrend Gallery or by contacting your Design Consultant
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