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Call (336) 822-3000, Chat or Email for pricing.
Call (336) 822-3000, Chat or Email for pricing.
Call (336) 822-3000, Chat or Email for pricing.
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Call (336) 822-3000, Chat or Email for pricing.
Call (336) 822-3000, Chat or Email for pricing.

Keep Your Backyard Clutter-Free with Outdoor Storage

Outdoor living spaces are trendy and functional! Whether you have a tiny house or just a home without much room to entertain your guests, with an onslaught of outdoor furniture options, you’re certain to find a way to entertain outdoors.

Grilling out, hosting guests in your outdoor living space or roasting marshmallows for s'mores around your fire pit and patio furniture? You’re going to need some outdoor storage to accommodate all of the clutter that could threaten to take over your patio. Some necessary outdoor items can be eyesores, some just need to be stored away in a waterproof outdoor storage cabinet. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of things that commonly clutter what would be a beautiful outdoor patio.

  1. Bug spray – Outdoor storage bins are the perfect place to hide this necessity. Insect repellents, including candles, should be kept close by for convenience, but your guests don’t need to see them all year round.
  2. Yard tools – Whether you need a place to store your lawn mower or rake, your lawn maintenance and gardening tools should be stored away. It makes your backyard and patio easier on the eyes as well as prevents these tools from holding water and developing rust.
  3. Grill supplies – Remember what we said about yard tools? The same concepts apply here. Maybe your grill comes equipped with storage, but in case it doesn’t, and outdoor storage bin will work just fine to keep your grilling utensils ready for the next barbecue.
  4. Seat cushions – Everything has its place, right? And when outdoor seat cushions aren’t in use, their place is inside of an outdoor storage bench or in a bin that’s waterproof for the elements. This will keep your cushions from any extra wear and tear that would cause their lifespan to decrease.
  5. Toys – The same way your children clean their playrooms, they should pick up outside, too. Outdoor storage is a great way to make this process painless and keep the toys convenient for maximum play time, too!


Do you have any of these items clutter your patio? Have you thought of a few other items you would rather keep hidden away in an outdoor storage bench, maybe? If so, talk to your Design Consultant about how you can solve this problem today!