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Tips to Finding a Comfortable Mattress

Make a Comfortable Mattress Your Priority

Think about your mattress the same way you think about your phone. You don’t need a new one every year, but every now and then you’ll want the newest technology and a fresh start. The same can be said for your mattress. We use our phones every day, but we use our mattress just as much. When looking for an affordable mattress, consider how much time you spend sleeping, reading and maybe even eating in bed.

Of course, there’s plenty of science to back up occasionally needing a new mattress. When talking about your old mattress, we could go on and on talking about sweat, dead skin cells and more that build up in a mattress, but — YUCK! Looking for an affordable mattress? We can help you find a new mattress that’s within your budget.


Don’t Compromise on Your Mattress — It’s an Investment

Moving soon? It may be time to consider getting a new mattress. When you buy a new home one of your first purchases to make your home more comfortable should be a new, affordable mattress. It will make your move more pleasant and help you get the rest you need after you’re settled. Plus, by purchasing a mattress in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to peruse our selection of mattresses and make a wise decision before your comfortable mattress is delivered to your new home.

Ignore Everyone Except Your Partner

There are a million opinions about which mattress is the best, or which is the cheapest mattress for the best support. It’s a lot of noise. Remember, you don’t need to listen to everyone. Take your other half and go mattress shopping. Listen to the professionals and your partner. Ignore the online opinions that think they’ve figured out which mattress is perfect for you. Only you can know that.

When you go mattress shopping, you should focus on the opinions of those who will be sleeping on the mattress. If you have lower back pain, ask one of our Sleep Specialists which mattress would be most supportive to solve your specific problem. Not getting enough sleep because your mattress feels like a brick? Try mattresses with cushion tops. Do what you need to do to get the best sleep possible. Your comfort is the ultimate goal, everything else comes second.


Consider Your Allergy Needs

Your mattress plays a pivotal role in your health during allergy season and year-round. Mattresses take a hold of everything they come into contact with — including dust and other allergy evils.

If you have sensitivities to common allergens, this may mean you’ll need to update your mattress more often. Speak with a Sleep Specialist about your mattress needs to see what their recommendations are, too. Chances are, if you choose a quality mattress, you’ll only need to replace your mattress protector (i.e. mattress pad) more frequently to stay sniffles free. You’ll catch more Z’s when you don’t constantly have to sneeze!

Additionally, if your allergies include other allergens that could be found in common mattress materials, be sure to talk to one of our Sleep Specialists. They can sort through our selection of mattresses to help you find a mattress with the right filling and fabric to help you get a great night’s sleep, every time. Your rest, your health is important. Finding a comfortable mattress for you and your health is vital.


Get Comfortable with ‘Test Driving’ Mattresses

In Sleepland at Furnitureland South, mattress buying is way more luxurious than people realize. Take your time, relax and find the perfect mattress for you. To get a feel for a new mattress, you must experience it. How do you sleep at night? Your mattress puts up with a lot of tossing and turning every night. Take your time. When you find a comfortable mattress for you, it will reduce the number of times you wake up at night.


Don’t Forget the Pillow

Once you have found a comfortable mattress for you, don’t forget the pillow. If you compromise and use a worn-out pillow, your mattress may not serve you well after all. If your pillow doesn’t support your spine appropriately, you may experience a sore neck in the morning. Your pillow shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your pillow is a part of a healthy night’s sleep, too.


Get Matched for the Best Mattress for You

Visit Sleepland for a simple, stress-free place to find the best mattress for you. The BedMatch system, designed by Kingsdown, has perfected the science of sleep. It gives you a custom mattress feel with an affordable mattress price tag — SCORE! Its patented diagnostic system matches you with mattresses best suited for your body type and sleep position using 18 measurements and over 1,000 calculations. It takes the guesswork out of purchasing a mattress and gets you a step closer to a healthy, restful night’s sleep.

After the data has been collected, a list of your personalized results will direct you toward the most supportive mattresses for you. This state-of-the-art system figures out what level of support you need, then it lists a few options from our amazing selection of mattresses for you to comfort test.