Home Lighting

Often taken for granted, lighting is one of the most important elements in a room. There are three main types of light fixtures: general, task, and accent ... lighting. Each plays an important role in adding to the usefulness and elegance of a space.

General (ambient) lighting should brighten up the whole room. These lights are usually hung from the ceiling and may include luxury lighting fixtures such as chandeliers or more subdued ceiling fans and semi-flush mount lights.

Task lighting can be used to light specific areas of a room such as a desk, reading nook, or crafting table. They include table lamps, pendant lights hanging over workspaces or kitchen counters, and floor lamps set beside your favorite spots to get lost in a book.

Accent lighting typically refers to any light fixtures that aren't necessary to the function of a room. However, they can help set the mood or highlight a favorite piece of decor or art. Think of them as a chance to add some fun and unique lighting elements to your space.

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