2023 Interior Design Trends to Freshen Your Home

What We See on the Horizon at Furnitureland South

Take a fresh approach to 2023 and incorporate design trends and popular styles that are making their presence felt.

Moody, Rich Colors

Imagine an exotic sunset with splashes of gold, shimmering pinks that fade into purples, and the deep blue of the night sky. Rich velvety plums contrasting warm golden colors are an emerging complimentary trend to biophilic design. While people often assume contemporary design is cold, the warm ambience of rich and vibrant colors can make modern textures and shapes feel welcoming and warm. Touches of nature and references to the outdoor world can create an eye-catching room for those that are bold enough to experiment with contrasting, bold colors.

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Swoon Worthy Velvet

A material that will never go out of style, the traditional feel of velvet will continue to make its way into people’s homes as designers take the original formal and stuffy inspired furniture and transform pieces with bold colors and shapes. Velvet sofas emit glamour, and the right hue can even make you feel like you’re in a trendy Parisian home. Whether you choose classic lines or a more modern and modular look, velvet furniture can be used as a stand-alone statement piece amongst existing staples or can be the centerpiece of a room.

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Elevate a Monochromatic Look

Modern and elegant, the monochromatic home can impress anyone with clean lines and simple minimalism. However, you don’t have to succumb to a plain monochrome feel, elevate your style with regal gold accents. The simple addition of a stunning gold lamp or a striking décor piece can heighten the feeling of luxury. This design trend is iconic, and we only see it growing in the new year as part of the movement to simplify without losing extravagance.

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Bring the Calm Ambience of the Outdoors into Your Home

Biophilia isn’t a design trend anymore, it has become a classic style that’s here to stay. Creating harmony between the home and the world outside can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Incorporating natural, calm colors that invoke a sense of peace or greens to accent walls, furniture, or accessories are ways you can incorporate biophilic design into your home. Bring a hint of the outdoors into your home with soothing indoor plants and hearty wooden accents for textural depth. The benefits of the outdoor world can still be experienced inside without huge structural changes like adding skylights or enclosed patios.

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Neon Color Trends Are Making a Comeback Beyond Summer Fashion

We saw neon colors making bold appearances at Copenhagen Fashion Week and the 80s trend is set to make a big appearance in spring and summer clothing releases. The colors go beyond fashion since designers have incorporated the colors into home décor and statement pieces. Embrace the cyber punk vibe and accentuate your home with flashy bursts of color that tastefully compliment your existing design. Afraid the brightness will clash with your home? You can incorporate neon shades into traditional or nontraditional spaces by leaning toward softer neon pastel shades, or by using smaller décor pieces that feel innovative and adding bright tones of a subdued palette. Pantone is embracing the rebellious spirit of neon color trends and have announced Viva Magenta as Pantone’s color of the year for 2023. Be bold this year and add some sass to your home with neon!

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Lavender Statement Pieces

The soothing shade of lavender is making a recurring appearance this year, inspired by Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri. While it’s not the first choice in paint colors, its dynamic presence encouraged designers to incorporate the lively hue into different materials and textures to transform a home. Not sure this color trend is for you? Test out different variations and degrees of lavender with temporary swaps like bedding, curtains, lamps, or a bold rug. Or tie in the softness of a light lavender to accentuate earthy tones in a neutral color scheme. Lavender is a diverse and warm shade that can synchronize with multiple palettes and offers a relaxing yet contemporary feel.

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The interior design trends making big statements in 2023 can apply to multiple styles. Not sure how to use them in your home? Work with the knowledgeable design consultants at Furnitureland South to find the perfect pieces to rejuvenate your home.