Interior Design Trends for 2022


We recently attended High Point Market and were overwhelmed by the creativity and fresh perspectives used to display the latest interior design trends for 2022. Shown by the leading furniture brands in the industry, these exciting trends are taking the design world by storm. Keep reading for a glimpse inside what furniture and interior design is going to look like in the year 2022 and beyond!

Animal Prints

If you thought you had seen the last of zebra print, then you would be astounded by the amount of animal print home décor and interior design inspiration we viewed at High Point Market. While animal prints make a great addition to your homeward escape, we also saw the entire animal being shown on various fabrics, such as these zebras displayed on a velvety green backdrop in the Lexington Home Brands showroom.

And the animal trend is not specific to fabric! From animal hide rugs and rugs with animals on them to cutouts of the animal’s shape and tabletop décor, this trend has what it takes to recreate every inch of your space.

Biophilia Design

Biophilia, or the human instinct to connect with nature, has been making its way into the interior design motif since the onset of the coronavirus. When the world shutdown, we began spending more time in our homes. Then, when traveling became limited, the desire to bring the outdoors inside became popular, and we believe this trend will be around for quite some time.

Introducing biophilia into your home can be done in several ways. If it’s a tropical paradise you’re seeking, then there are beach-themed wall murals and wallpapers that can transport you to your favorite island oasis. If your love lies in the mountains, then Phillips Collection has nature-inspired sculptures that will transform your space into a mountainous escape.

Even the simple act of adding a fake plant to the side of your TV stand or in the corner of your dining room can bring your home to life. Have fun with this trend by incorporating natural elements into your space, whether that be more wood furniture pieces or biophilia design décor.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Reminiscent of the 1970’s, bold colors and patterns are back in style. This is not to say that the neutral color palette is going away; however, there has been and continues to be a push toward brighter and “happier” colors, as well as patterns that feature them.

With this trend comes the popularity of jewel tones. These are rich colors that can add a sophisticated look to your colorful style! By placing a jewel-toned couch in the center of your living room, you would be creating a focal point that you can then draw other colorful elements into your design with.

While it is easy to overdo colors in a home, carefully placing colorful items and patterns throughout your space can both brighten it and you up.t

Crazy for Curves

Like the bold colors and patterns of the 1970’s, the curved furniture trend of the 1980’s is making a comeback. Curves reflect our desire for a cozy, soft and happy home. The best part? It’s not just furniture we’re talking about; curves are finding their way to lampstands, chandeliers, tabletop décor and so much more.

Boucle Fabric

We are convinced that boucle fabric was the hottest trend of High Point Market. While we saw boucle being used on sofas and accent chairs at the 2021 Fall High Point Market, furniture manufacturers are adding boucle to additional materials and textures that work together to enhance its impact.

Wesley Hall showed boucle couch cushions that sat atop a velour fabric base. This mixing of textures was also a trending topic at Market that we absolutely fell in love with.

Mixed Textures

As we walked around the vast showrooms of High Point Market, we noticed that many of the brands were combining multiple textures into one vignette to create more dimensions and a warmer look.

Texture can be added just about anywhere in your home. From pillows, wallpaper, rugs or curtains, the fabric you select for accessories and furniture staples can add warmth and coziness and accentuate biophilia design. Adding texture to your sofas and accent chairs, fabricated ottomans or soft blankets can add depth to your interior design trends in 2022.

Comfortable and Functional Furniture

Why invest in furniture that is not going to last? That is what current furniture consumers and manufacturers are asking. In an age where comfort and functionality seem to be at the forefront, it’s no wonder we expect our furniture to fit that description as well.

Doing your research and selecting the best brands for your lifestyle is a crucial part of the furniture selection process. That’s where our Design Consultants come in. They are experts in furniture and interior design, and they can assist you as you decide what kind of furniture fits both your lifestyle and your personal style.