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Your writing desk chair is a tool. It allows you to be productive during your workday. If you’ve moved to the sofa or bed to accomplish the day’s tasks, you’ve probably realized your problem. Your home office chair just isn’t getting the job done. Explore our favorite home office chairs to find desk chairs that our Design Consultants know and love.

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We firmly believe that your home office needs to be a space that you enjoy. If you’re uncomfortable in your home office chair, then you won’t spend time there. Explore your favorite desk chair styles and be more productive while working from home.

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At the world’s largest furniture store, your options are endless. Start by choosing your favorite style and navigate your search for the perfect desk chair from there. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask a Design Consultant for help!

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Boring home office desk décor should come with a warning label! If you don’t want to pull up your office chair and get some work done, you’re probably not going to. ... Spice up your home office space with a few accessories to increase your productivity.

The enemy of productivity is boredom – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This is a real danger when you work from home at a bedroom desk or home office desk. Don’t let your desk stifle your creativity – add a few accessories.

Does your wooden home office desk have a natural look to it? Add to this style by including a potted plant or two. In one step, you’ll literally add new life to your home furniture and office desk.

Has your desk found its home in your bedroom? Add some wall art, framed posters and prints to your walls to blur lines between productive and relaxing. Who knows – these photos could be your next source of inspiration!

Does your home office desk with storage hide away all your favorite supplies? Break some of them back out with some top-of-the-desk organization. You’ll have easy access to your pencils or pens and they’ll add some visual interest to your workspace.

Want more advice for creating the best workspace for your work-from-home job? Contact your Design Consultant today!

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