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Your Living Room: A Guide to Custom Upholstery

At the World’s Largest Furniture Store, we offer a variety of the best brands at the best prices — many of which sell custom options at no additional charge! Regardless of budget, you can get the custom sectional couches of your dreams!

While our Design Consultants make shopping for items like custom sectional couches a breeze, here are a few tips to think about when designing your own custom sofa with your perfect fabric:

1.    Make intentional color choices

Color’s goal is to make you happy. Find a color for your custom-made sectional or sofa that will look great in your space and make it exciting! If you’re one to choose neutral colors for custom sectional couches, you can still find incredibly fun throws or pillows to spice up your upholstery choices. However, you’ll want to keep the color of your rug in mind when creating your custom sectional. When it comes to color, the upholstery and rug relationship is one that should coordinate, not necessarily match.

With the many custom upholstery options that our amazing vendors offer, you’re sure to find a color you love. Whether you’re looking for fabric upholstery or leather upholstery the world of color is open to you at Furnitureland South. Consider your living room furniture color scheme options endless!

2.    Pick an appropriate pattern

If you’re choosing a pattern for a tufted or rounded surface, make sure the pattern will form well into the grooves of your custom sofa. Some patterns such as stripes or plaids, will not appear straight on a tufted sofa. However, if you’ve chosen the clean lines of transitional custom sectional couches, you’re good to go — browse to your heart’s desire. You mustn’t worry about pattern distortion on any custom-made sectionals or sofas.

Technicalities aside, the patterns you choose for your living room should be cohesive and pleasing to your eye. You spend a lot of time in your living room with family and friends, it should be a place that you enjoy whether you want the mood to be relaxing or fun!

3.    Consider location

Practically speaking, your home has specific functional needs. When you’re choosing a custom sectional or custom couch option, remember where the piece will go and what its intended everyday use will be. Who will be in contact with this material? Is it for a custom sofa in the living room your family, pets and guests use daily? Or for a library or office that won’t experience as much wear and tear? Reference the location when choosing between linen, cotton, velvet, polyester or other materials.

If you’re working with a Design Consultant, ask them about the size and scale of the furniture you’re working with. They can help you figure out if you’re living room furniture would be able to move to different locations if you decided to do a little living room rearranging one weekend. This way your living room furniture has the ability to move around as you see fit.

As the world's largest furniture store, we carry over 1,000 brands that offer a huge selection of custom upholstery for your home. We carry all kinds of custom upholstery - from everyday styles to the best of the best, luxury designs. That means you're sure to find the custom upholstery you love! Want to begin your custom upholstery shopping online? Create a digital wish list for your dream home at Furnitureland South!