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Decorate to your heart’s content! If you were ever looking for someone’s permission to really go for it and decorate your home exactly how you want it, when you want it, then this is it! No matter what the occasion, we’re giving you permission to make your home festive, inviting and all-around fun with home decor and pillows that will make your heart sing!

Now that you’re free to decorate, consider the following tips and tricks to make your home decor project a success!

Know your style.

Traditional: The market for traditional furniture is still going strong. These classic lines and intricate details aren’t going anywhere soon. Plus, while traditional home decor is commonly larger and grander than other styles of furniture, the current trend “new traditional” furniture styles are making this decor decision possible for smaller, more contemporary homes.

Transitional: For a middle of the road design style, transitional furniture styles and decor fit the bill. This type of decor isn’t as extravagant as traditional furniture stylings, but it’s comfortable and classic for many of today’s home.

Modern & Eclectic: These days, it’s common to take a modern home decor approach to design and mix in a few ultra-modern items with more classic, timeless decorations. As an eclectic decor rule, you should question all standard design and decor rules. Make your space your own.

Decide which rooms need the most work.

Looking to take on a whole home decor makeover? Overwhelmed with where to start? Make a list of the rooms that need the most decoration work and start with the one that’s lacking the most. Once that room is complete, you’ll feel that you’re home decor royalty. You can do anything!

Start big and get more detailed as you go.

Seriously, figure out what the big picture is and do what you can today. Tomorrow’s home decor tasks will come and go, but you’ll have completed something, checked something off of your decorative to-do list. Additionally, once you know the big picture, you can easily spot the holes — especially the large ones. The largest holes in each of your rooms can seem like the most overwhelming; however, once you fill them, they make the biggest impact on how you view your home. An accent chair will have a greater impact on your view of the room than throw pillows will, for example.

Ask for help.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Your home is as unique as you are. That’s why we offer free design assistance to make your home decor projects successful and seamless. They want to get to know you, your style, your budget and your goals for how you want your space to function and feel.

We can assign a Design Consultant to you or feel free to peruse our amazing team and select a Design Consultant on your own! It’s totally up to you.

As the world's largest furniture store, we carry over 1,000 brands that offer a huge selection of décor and pillows for your home. We carry all kinds of décor and pillows - from everyday styles to the best of the best, luxury designs. That means you're sure to find the décor and pillows you love! Want to begin your décor and pillows shopping online? Create a digital wish list for your dream home at Furnitureland South!

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