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Noir Trading

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In 2004, Noir Trading was formed with a mission to manufacture furniture that is consistent, sustainable and available. Every item for Noir is designed the old-fashioned way — with a pencil and paper. Whether wholly original or classically inspired, every product is meticulously designed to scale. The inspiration for these 1,200 products comes from a mixture of classic furniture design, the craftsmen that bring his pieces to life and sustainable local materials that are available to work with. 

Noir provides customers with affordable, handcrafted furniture that lasts for generations. Noir’s goal is to make furniture that is uniquely beautiful, useful and environmentally friendly. Their product line is aesthetically cohesive yet has the breadth to complement a full range of interior design styles including Classical, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern and Modern.

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Noir Trading
Noir Trading
Noir Trading
Noir Trading
Noir Trading
Noir Trading