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Call (336) 822-3000, Chat or Email for pricing.
Call (336) 822-3000, Chat or Email for pricing.

Stressless makes furniture with a form only surpassed by its function, its beauty only by its comfort. They offer a wide range of contemporary furniture, from our classic Stressless recliner chairs, ottomans, love seats and sofas, to fully customizable home theater seating and coordinating accessories. Recognized by stylish circles worldwide, Stressless is a distinctive Norwegian brand, designed and produced in the Sunnmøre Alps of central Norway. 

Employing skilled craftsmen and using only the highest quality woods, leathers, textiles and finishes, Stressless makes modern Scandinavian furniture for every taste and for every room. Specialized ergonomic features enable their seating to respond to the natural movement of your body providing superior support and comfort.

Contact your Design Consultant to shop Stressless today!