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Must-have, Bedding Basics


When considering sheets for your bed, remember that it’s not all about thread count. When you cozy into your bed for the night, would you rather be warm or cool? This question can help you determine what type of sheets (fitted sheets and flat sheets) you want. Percale sheets will feel silkier and keep you warm, while linen sheets will remain breathable from season to season. 

Mattress Protector 

Mattress protectors often go unnoticed, but they should never go unappreciated. These silent heroes preserve your mattress from becoming soiled and protect you from various allergens that can hide within your mattress. Mattress protectors are not just for young children. They extend the life of your mattress and offer a convenient way to keep your nighttime escape clean and comfortable. 


If you’ve found the right mattress for you and your partner, you’re on the right track to a great night’s sleep — just don’t forget the final necessity, your pillows. Having the right mattress is only one half of the proper poster equation. If you lack a good, supportive pillow for your sleep style, then you’re not getting the most out of your mattress either. Looking for an allergen-free alternative to those comfy down fill pillows? Try a synthetic microfiber pillow. It’s a clean, moldable solution for your nighttime and nap time needs. 


Ah, yes, one that comforts — many consider this the absolute sleep necessity. No blanket, no duvet or no quilt means no sleep for many. In the world of comforters, you have many choices. If you’re looking for a lighter, cooler bedding cover, consider coverlets. They’re made to replace thicker covers in warmer climates. Want to incorporate a little color and pattern in your bedroom, consider a quilt to show off your traditional style. Maybe you’ve found the perfect duvet, but you’re looking to switch things up with a different style — you can do it! Just switch out your duvet cover for an entirely new look with the comforts of your favorite blanket. 

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