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Why Bed Linens Matter


Picture this. You start your work day with coffee. All day, you’re sipping the sacred fruit of caffeine. The clock strikes 5 p.m. and, before your boss knows it, you’re out the door. Once you get home you make dinner, catch up on your recent binge-watch and slip into your comfiest pajamas. You walk from the bathroom into your bedroom and there are no sheets, no bedding at all on what’s supposed to be the one place in the world where you can relax!

Okay, this is dramatic. Let’s tone it down. What if your bedding was stained or pilling sheets and your bed was still sporting the quilt you didn’t like when it was given to you? What would you do? You deserve better. You should have the best bedding and most comfortable sheets. You deserve an oasis.

How to Find the Best Bedding

The key to creating a relaxing bedroom is in the details — details like your bedding, linens and comfortable sheets. Whether you’d like to find custom bed linens, including everything from throw pillows to fine Italian linens, or simply the most comfortable sheets, we’ve compiled a list of items to help you dream about your perfect bedding and nighttime escape.

Checklist for the Perfect Custom Bedding:

__ Fitted sheet

__ Flat sheet

__ Sleeping pillowcases

__ Duvet cover

__ Duvet

__ Comforter

__ Bed skirt

__ Bed panels

__ Box spring cover

__ Euro pillow shams

__ Shams

__ Bolster pillows

__ Mattress Pad Protector

__ Pillow Protectors

__ Sleep pillows

__ Coverlet

__ Throw blanket

__ Bed scarf


How Often Should I Wash My Sheets?

Like we said earlier, your bedroom should be a relaxing place that restores rest to your body and refreshes your mind. The best bedding creates a mood, a peaceful quiet. Proper washing and care for your bedding and linens are key to accomplishing this. Maybe you’re someone who can’t sleep unless your bed has been made and you can crawl in between luxurious, tucked in comfortable sheets. Or maybe you’d rather walk around the entire bed before lying down to untuck every corner of the bed your partner makes every morning. Either way, you still recognize the comfort of a fresh bedding.

A clean bed can play a big role in your comfort and your health. This comes as no surprise to hotel employees, as one service that every hotel prioritizes is making guests beds once a day. Yes, the turndown services. It’s a beautiful thing. For many guests, vacation is any day they arrive back to a bed that’s been washed and made for them, without even a thought on their part.

Of course, this is an almost impossible task in our own homes. Between our jobs, putting food on the table, doing the household’s laundry, extra-curricular activities and leaving time to spend with our children and loved ones, we are busy people. We don’t have time to wash our sheets every day, but how often should we wash our bedding?

The short answer to how often you should wash your bed linens (sheets, pillow cases) is every two weeks. However, if you often wake up with night sweats or don’t shower before going to bed, you may choose to wash your sheets once a week instead of every other week. Your custom bed linens will feel more luxurious every night because of it. Additionally, it’s smart to wash your mattress protector occasionally, too. You may not have even realize that your pillows need to be washed as much as your pillow cases. To find out more about your specific, custom bed linens needs, talk to one of our Sleep Specialists and find out if your mattress protector can be put in the dryer and how to care for your pillows.

Want to learn more about getting your best night’s sleep? Find the best bedding, the best linens for you. Visit Furnitureland South’s Bed Boutique to indulge in wonderful bedding luxuries designed specifically for you.