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Home Accent Tips to be Effortlessly Stylish

You don’t need to be a fashionista to want a put-together, stylish home. How does everyone do it? Home accent ideas. It’s the blanket tossed over the arm of the chair and the pillow that not only catches your eye but your back, too — and just in the right place.

Many choose home décor ideas that are designed to make an interior design statement. Why? That’s easy. You can change out decor with little to no effort or cash! Items like throw blankets and wall art become conversational pieces and are easily changed out by season or trend! 

We’ve asked around and found a few tips to hit just the right cord for your home accent harmony! Here are a few home accent ideas:

Create a Color Story

Using pillows or coffee table accent items, create a secondary color story with your home accents. Even the books on your bookshelves can influence your room’s decor design. Whether you’re lining beautifully bound books up by color or placing a few books on the shelf beside a darling vase and picture frame — color cohesion can work for you. Consider the other decor throughout the house. Are you decorating for fall? Instead of placing pumpkins around every corner, consider pulling out the colors from your favorite fall photo or decoration. The right oranges, browns and grays around can give your room design a distinctly autumn feel without taking the decor too literally. Once you’ve chosen a color for pillows, vases, wall art or books, for example, the whole room looks intentionally sophisticated and beautiful.

Stay Neutral

In rooms that make a statement with a noticeable lack of bright or bold colors, you may want to may want to play with the textures throughout the room. A great way to do this is to mix and match a few neutral pillows. One pearl satin pillow, a couple slate gray felt pillows and a pure cashmere throw blanket for the sofa can create just as much drama as a bright burst of color.

Go Green

Live plants can help keep your house cool and lift your spirits in a concrete jungle, but — thanks to the succulent decor trend — you no longer need a green thumb to bring a bit of natural beauty into your home. If you’re not convinced to go all natural for your room design, faux greenery will work, too. All home accent ideas that involve greenery are good, natural and stylish ideas.

Layering Heights

When decorating your bookshelf, coffee table or fireplace mantle, don’t let your design fall flat. Combine decor of various heights to give the shelf depth and make your eye dance around the room. This is a good rule of thumb for books, candlesticks, flowers and many other decorative items. For example, instead of placing one vase of flowers on your coffee table. Set them atop a book and beside a lower decorative item like a candle or fun antique you picked up for decorating around your home.

Star of the Show

Not a fan of generic home accents that your significant other brought home from the store? Add in a touch of your own flavor! Displaying personal photos and cards that loved ones have given you can quickly make your room feel more your own — at almost no cost at all. Add a picture frame, and you’re good to go! With this design tip, you can be the star of your own show!

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