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Living Room Design Essentials

The living room is where life happens. And living room furniture becomes your life’s backdrop. It’s here that you open gifts at Christmas and gather around for family game nights. Your living room is where you celebrate your favorite team’s big wins and where you plop down after a long day at work. Living rooms support our lives whether you’re entertaining or having a sick day movie marathon.

Your living room furniture should be prepared for all of life’s ups and downs. It should be ready to meet every comfort and style standard that your unique life throws at it! Here are a few of our favorite living room design tips to take your home’s living room to the next level!

Leather is Livable

Just like every bride needs something old, new and blue, every living room needs to have something leather in it. Leather living room furniture adds texture, style and durability to your space. And once you’ve found the right leather for your home, you’ll find that leather furniture won’t wear out, it will only wear in with age.

Room for Coffee (or Cocktails)

Whether you’re a party hosting household or early morning risers, a good coffee table improves the style and functionality of your living room design. It’s the perfect place to place your mug, cup or glass — no matter what the occasion.

A Place for Everyone

The goal for every living room is to provide enough seating for every guest. Whether you accomplish this goal with a sofa and a couple armchairs or a sectional, your goal is only complete once everyone is seated comfortably. Not sure how many people your living room sofa can seat? Count the cushions. Unless guests are good friends or more, they’ll probably seat one person per cushion.

Head to Toe Comfort

Have you ever felt like a home you’ve visited is particularly cold? If you noticed, it may be because of wood or tile floors that weren’t covered by a warm, comfortable rug. Rugs add a bit of flair and warmth to your living room. The important trick to finding a rug that will fit your space is to be sure it’s large enough to slide under all of the legs of your living room furniture.

A Pop of Color

Are you a fan of solids and neutrals? We are, too. However, we don’t let this passion for calm palettes overtake our living rooms. Be sure to include some color in your living room, even if it’s subtle, to shake things up and pull the eye in with detail. You can achieve this discretely with throw pillows, window treatments or lamp shades; however, you can always go bold with a brightly colored sofa or an accent wall with a fun wallpaper pattern!

As the world's largest furniture store, we carry over 1,000 brands that offer a huge selection of living room furniture for your home. We carry all kinds of living room furniture - from everyday styles to the best of the best, luxury designs. That means you're sure to find the living room furniture you love! Want to begin your living room furniture shopping online? Create a digital wish list for your dream home at Furnitureland South!

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