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As a multi-lingual and experienced Design Consultant, Costanza Natale works with clients from around the world who speak English, Italian, and French. She loves to travel and has traveled extensively in the States, France, Mauritius, and her home country, Italy. “When you travel you fulfill your heart, and when you view art you imprint your soul with beauty,” Costanza said. “You understand the message that the artist wants you to discover. That's why I compare beauty, art, furniture, and fashion!” Designing clients’ homes is a purpose-filled career for Costanza because she says home design communicates our values and personality to guests and reminds us who we are. Like wearing a beautiful dress, designing a stunning home allows your personality to shine. Armed with years of experience and a design certificate from High Point University, Costanza helps each of her clients find furniture that they’re happy with for years to come. Ready to work with a Design Consultant who listens to your needs, honestly communicates with you concerning quality, and collaborates with you to create the home of your dreams? Contact Costanza to create your interior design story today!

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Costanza was very helpful! Thank you for your help, Costanza. —Peter L.

Costanza is great! She takes the time to learn her clients wants & needs, and she has always been a wonderful help to us. 

Costanza works with us to find furniture that we like and will enjoy, takes time to communicate to show items that she thinks might work.

Our experiences at Furnitureland South have been absolutely wonderful since we teamed up with Costanza! —Berdenia S.

Costanza was such a great help in finding us exactly what we were looking for! She was so pleasant and very patient - we were fortunate to have her as our Design Consultant! —Anonymous

Costanza was very helpful and went the extra mile when I couldn't make it into the store to look at a piece of furniture! Thank you for everything, Costantza. —Patty E.

Costanza was great to work with! She was always so professional & promptly answered all my questions. I appreciate how efficiently she researched & took care of my requests. —Mary P.

We are extremely grateful to have come across such an elegant and talented designer like Costanza Ellertsson! She made everything a joy — we always have so much fun every time we visit FLS to work with her. Costanza makes our 7-hour drive worth it!

We are so excited for the furniture Costanza helped us select for our new home. She did a fabulous job leading us in the right direction & making suggestions for fabrics and finishes we wouldn't have ever thought of.

Every time we visit FLS to work with Costanza, it is like a vacation for us! We can’t wait to see Costanza again when we come back for the finishing touches. —Alaa & Ahmad B.

We had a very shopping experience! Costanza was wonderful and we'll definitely be ordering more furniture from her in the future. —Carol B.

Constanza Ellertsson was very good to work with! She prompt in taking our order & worked efficiently with us. —Latika A.

Costanza was awesome! I would recommend her to my friends & family. She was very responsive & always emailed or texted me right away to answers to my questions. I got a good deal on my furniture & I am happy with the entire experience. —Jocy B.

We just recieved our outdoor furniture set & it's just perfect! We loved our experience working with Costanza - it was fantastic. We look forward to working with her again in the future! — Dorsey L.

We recently traveled from New Jersey to Furnitureland South, to purchase 9 rooms of furniture for a new home we are having built. Prior to our visit, we were in contact with Costanza. She advised us as to what to bring in order to make our visit as productive as possible.

Upon our arrival, she was waiting for us, and ready to hit the ground running.  We had two & a half days to shop, and she dedicated every minute to us.

I can't say enough about how professional, knowledgeable & hardworking Costanza is. There were times when we had gotten discouraged, but she never gave up on finding us exactly what we wanted, and making certain that we were happy with every selection. Costanza went above & beyond, working endless hours for two & a half days.

In the end, we were able to accomplish purchasing all the furniture we needed, and we are thrilled & excited about each & every selection thanks to Costanza.

We would highly recommend working with Costanza on your visit to Furnitureland South. She will make all your design dreams come true!! Thank you Costanza!! We look forward to working with you again in the future!! —Linda & Gary B.

Our Furnitureland South experience was fantastic. We were very impressed with the enormous inventory from all the different furniture brand. Our design consultant, Costanza Ellertsson, was very helpful & professional. She made us feel very comfortable without pressure. Her expertise in the design field was unmatched and it helped us in our final decision to purchase. We have already recommended Furnitureland South & Costanza to friends & family! —Mark P.

Costanza Ellertsson was very knowledgeable, the most helpful, and in the long run saved us time and money. Thank you for your help, Costanza! —David S.

Costanza Ellertsson was our designer & she was awesome. Very pleasant experience! —Sheryl Z. & Daniel T.

We would like to thank Costanza for her assistance in furnishing our home! My wife and I are building this new home from the ground up, so we had a lot of decisions to make. When it came to furnishing the interior of the home, we needed more than just a little bit of help!

After being with Costanza for 15 minutes, we both felt very comfortable & knew she would be great to work with. Then after three hours, Costanza had our come complete — and we can't thank her enough!

Costanza always had our best interest in mind. We loved how she took ownership of our home, like it was her own! We're so excited to see how everything looks when it's all delivered. Thanks again, Costanza! —Brian & Barb G.

Costanza Ellertsson did a great job showing us around & helping us find just what we were looking for. I would highly recommend her! —Kay U.

Costanta Ellertsson made furniture shopping fun and was such a help in navigating the huge store. We finished in one day what we expected would take all weekend! Loved all the styles and really appreciated her help! —Patricia A.

Costanza was very helpful, prompt, and professional. We sought her out given our buying experience with her last year on another transaction. Thanks for your help, Costanza! —Rick P.

Costanza always provides professional guidance & advice — and the most competitive pricing! —Sandra C.

Costanza was very knowledgable and understood our vision, and then focused on what we wanted. She is a pleasure to work with!!! —Mike T.

We had a great exoerience working with Costanza! She was so patient. I had hundreds of questions and emailed Costanza every day, and she never failed to respond to me... sometimes late at night, even on weekends. She was always so respectful of me, no matter how many times in changed my mind or had questions!

Costanza always gave me excellent design advice, too. She was always so helpful, taking lots of pictures of fabric samples for me, and when I was so confused as to which pieces I should purchase, Costanza drew up a layout and helped me decide.

I'm so excited and cant wait to receive my new furniture. I would definitely recommend Furnitureland South and Costanza! —Linda D.

We had a great experience working with Costanza! We first spoke with her online, and she answered all of our immediate questions regarding pricing and availability quickly and professionally. There were many follow-up emails and texts, and more items and suggestions to consider.

We decided we needed to go visit her in person and make some decisions. Costanza exceed our expectations by reading our style preferences and exploring our options. Adding to our pleasant experience, was her great sense of humor and upbeat personality. We’re not finished working with her yet, and we’ll look forward to continuing to do so! —Julie E.

My husband and I worked with Constanza recently, and had a great experience! We were able to accomplish more than we thought we ever could in a short amount of time.

Costanza was so effiecient; she kept us on a schedule and was just wonderful to work with. She has incredible taste and suggest beautiful pieces of furniture that worked for our style. believe it or not, Constanza works even on her days off, and is always available & responsive. She truly provided us with an outstanding experience! Thank you, Costanza! —Larissa S.

We had a great experience working with Costanza in our furniture shopping! We just purchased our first house in Pittsburgh and needed a lot of furniture to fill it up.

Being on a tight budget and time constraint, we did not want to fly to NC and was hoping to make our purchases online. We emailed Costanza and asked if she has any suggestions, and perhaps help us take some pictures of the pieces in the showroom/outlet. She responded to our emails very quickly and gave us great advice.

I really enjoyed the 'virtual' shopping experience. Saved us lots of time and money.One thing I liked about Costanza is that she understands our style and budget, and was great at giving us suggestions and advice. Overall I believe we had scored some really great bargains. I would definitely recommend Costanza to anyone we know. —Fan Z.

I am very pleased with my experience at Furnitureland South. The designer I worked with, Costanza, was very helpful and easy to work with. We were able to communicate easily and I’m very happy with the results. I’ll definitely go back! —Sherry S.

Spent a wonderful afternoon working with Costanza. We chose chairs and a sofa and found Costanza so helpful as we worked through our options. A well spent afternoon! —Cecilia F.

We had an awesome experience with Costanza. She is extremely knowledgeable about all of the products, listened to the styles we liked and was able to take us right to each area to make our selections.

FLS is a great one-stop shop. We are excited to see our home come together, and a huge thanks again to Costanza for making our experience a great one!!! —Kimberly M.

Costanza provided excellent help to my daughter and me in selecting furniture. She is wonderful at quickly figuring out what her clients are looking for, and she is very knowledgable about furniture choices and design. Costanza saved us countless hours by efficiently showing each of us good choices within our budget. I recommend her most highly!! She is patient, and fun to work with. We are so very grateful for Costanza's outstanding help!! —Triss C.

I had a wonderful experience at Furniture Land South. Costanza is a wonderful designer and person. She was very professional and helpful. I could not have coordinated all the fabric selections without her. I strongly recommend that when visiting the store, you have Costanza accompany you as you will have a successful and wonderful experience. Thank you so much, Costanza. —Fran

We had a fun and great experience at Furnitureland South working with Costanza Ellertsson. Costanza was very helpful and got us everything we needed! —Anonymous

As always shopping at Furnitureland South is a treat. Costanza was an outstanding design specialist. She provided us with helpful suggestions and gave a tireless effort to find the best furniture fit for our spaces. —Joe M.

Costanza Ellertsson was wonderful to work with! Costanza was very professional and was especially helpful to us as we selected fabrics. Thank you for all of your help, Costanza! —Cheryl B.

I just wanted to thank Costanza Ellertsson for all of her help and expertise! My furniture was delivered today and I couldn't be happier.

The pieces Costanza helped me select are so beautiful & comfortable - everything is perfect. I took a huge chance by not seeing these pieces in person, but I am grateful that Costanza took care of me and made sure everything was just right. Thank you for everything, Costanza! —Grace O.

I am writing this letter to describe my experience with Mrs. Costanza Ellertsson. As I was appointed to coordinate and help with the selection of high-end furniture pieces for a large palace, I had to carefully select a designer that can best assist me in such a project. I decided to work with Costanza right after viewing her profile.

My experience with Costanza was wonderful. She was able to understand the owner's taste and requirements very quickly, while maintaining attention to the project budget. She gave a frank opinion that a true consultant should when some selections are incompatible or inconsistent with the overall design.

As a result, we were able to pick very stylish pieces that the owners are happy with and proud of. Honestly, her Italian background and her thorough understanding of various styles helped us a lot to cherry picking high-end pieces.

I would definitely recommend Costanza for projects that need attention to detail and a great sense of style. —Rasheed, Saudi Arabia

Costanza really understands what I like, and has been a huge help picking out some great pieces. Thank you for all of your help, Costanza! —Susan F.

We started coming here about 30 years ago. We have gotten other furniture from Furnitureland, but we didn't visit. We got everything online, and this time we just decided to come back 30 years later to see what you all have. And it's just the higher-end-type furniture, and that's what we're looking for. Obviously, if you make a trip from Texas, you're not looking for something you can find down the street, so you come here to find the things that are unique. In all the furniture stores, it's the same thing over and over again, and that's not what we are looking for. When I first started looking for furniture, I was looking online, and Costanza was the person that came up in the pop-up. And I told her what I wanted, and looking for different things. She sent me a lot of different links for different things that I can look at. Very happy with her. So, when we decided to come this time, that was the person who I decided I wanted to work with because I had worked with her before. She's got high-end taste, and we're looking for high-end furniture, so it just works out perfect. This is the place you need to come; there is no other place to come to look for unique furniture, fantastic prices... Furnitureland South.

Furnitureland South is enormous. You NEED a designer to navigate the over 1 million sq ft of furniture. On this trip, I furnished 8,000+ square feet of a house on my visit over 3 full days of shopping. Costanza, my designer, was fantastic. She had each room laid out to scale with furniture and rug(s) when we arrived as well as a game plan of exactly what furniture lines we needed to look at for which pieces or room. Her product knowledge of Furnitureland South and the various furniture brands was superior and invaluable in getting everything done. It also made a huge difference in navigating the huge store not wasting time and being successful in curating each room. She is very mindful of a budget if you give her one she will not go outside of that unless you tell her to, which we did, however, I was very impressed by her commitment to stay in the original budget. Picking fabrics, leathers, and trims, and coordinating them with rugs across rooms was a breeze. She’s able to do it with the ease that a skilled chef picks ingredients for a dish. She was careful to listen to me and when I didn’t care for a detail or print she would note that and amend her selections accordingly to what I did like. That’s a great designer. Costanza is patient, kind, listens well, is an extremely talented designer, has amazing knowledge of Furnitureland's layout, and the many furniture brands, fabrics, and rugs, and is a joy to work with. We will be back soon to tackle a few more projects with Costanza after our experience with her. A wonderful working relationship and trust was built after working together for 3 full days. —Melody S.

We are writing to thank you for all your expertise and assistance in redesigning our dining and sitting rooms. Costanza has an outstanding vision for style and practicality! Costanza brought our 30-year-old dining room set up to date by recommending new chairs, light fixtures, and adding a decorative wall mirror. We ordered the new additions in June and all were delivered to enjoy by the December holidays - as promised! Grazie Mille!! - Stephanie & John W.