Furniture Market 2023 Highlights: Bernhardt Upholstery

An insider look at market and the biggest names in the industry. May 23th, 2023

Rich Tradition Meets Modern Design

One of the most exciting parts of the 2023 Furniture Market was seeing new offerings from Bernhardt Upholstery.

Since 1889, Bernhardt has designed luxury furniture. Don’t let that long history fool you, though. There’s nothing old-fashioned about Bernhardt Upholstery’s current offerings.

Aligning with their goal of crafting the most comfortable seating, you’ll find plush fabrics covering top-quality frames and cushions, the smoothest motion available in reclining seats, and incredible detailing.

Products Displayed: Ellison Cocktail Table 553011 | Ellison Side Table 553124 | Bliss Fabric Armless Chair P7430A | Bliss Fabric Corner Chair P7432A | Bliss Fabric Right Arm Loveseat P7441A | Bliss Fabric Left Arm Loveseat P7442A

Highlights from market include fresh looks for Bernhardt fabrics and leather:

  • Tons of great textures
  • Understated patterns
  • Super soft materials
  • Some performance fabrics

Keep reading for more reasons we’re excited about Bernhardt!

Products Displayed: Remi Leather Sofa 9267LO | Emery Fabric Chair B4913 | Laramie Accent Table 418123 | Fairgrove Cocktail Table 416021

Fabric Offerings

Bernhardt’s fabrics offer a curated selection of primarily neutral colors. There are a few other colors in the mix but these are muted and restrained, making them easy to mix into the rest of a pallette. Drama is introduced with their sumptuous textures and sophisticated, understated patterns.

1094-011 Textured Velvet

1159-017 Boucle

Bernhardt Fabric Options

  • Boucle
  • Velvet
  • Matelasse
  • Chenille
  • Faux Fur
  • Linen
  • Tweed
  • Quilted
  • Embroidery

1316-002 Matelasse

1076-010 Faux Fur

1274-010 Chenille

Leather Offerings

Bernhardt’s leathers tend to lean toward a natural look that embraces the innate characteristics of leather. Stretch marks, scars, and even occassional insect bites add integrity to full grain leathers. A few hair-on-hide options offer another nod to Bernhardt’s texture story.

For those who prefer a more uniform look, there is a small selection of corrected grain leathers as well.

1300-020 Chenille

1395-012 Chenille

324-012 Full Grain

163-000 Hair-on-Hide

255-077 Wax Pull-up

Style Options

Bernhardt has a wide range of furniture to meet practically any stylistic preference. From Neo-traditional to modern minimalist, this furniture caters to a wide range of tastes.

Because the designers intentionally build collections to mix and match, every piece must work in harmony. You’d think this would lead to boring furniture, but it is this layering of styles that creates a sense of balance without becoming overwhelming. The joy is in the details.

It’s this same sense of calm that makes a Bernhardt piece so easy to drop into any space, traditional or contemporary. Bernhardt can bring warm sophistication to a modern setting and a cool sense of quirk to more classic room design.

Products Displayed: Albion Fabric Sofa N2097 | Palazzo Leather Swivel Chair 212SLFO | Mirabelle Cocktail Table 304011 | Mirabelle Side Table 304121

Rigby Swivel Chair 360SLO | Sydney Armless Chair B9430 | Sydney Corner Chair B9432 | Sydney Right Arm Chaise B9437 | Sydney Armless Loveseat B9440 | Sydney Left Arm Loveseat B9442 | Petrified Wood Accent Table 319712

Elle Fabric Sofa P1567A | Petra Fabric Chair B2503 | Trianon Cocktail Table 314016B | Trianon Side Table 314126B

Upholstery Programs: Plush

Bernhardt set their sights on creating the world’s most comfortable sofa, and their Plush program has delivered. This curated collection of sofas, chairs, sectionals, and ottomans offer comfy deep seating and a plush feather down cushion with a higher blend-down to foam ratio than standard cushions, creating a luxurious sit. The designs range from updated transitional to casual modern. The color palette is neutral with natural fabrics and wood finishes that are rustic and organic. Who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort?

At this market several new Plush styles were introduced, check out our sneak peek!

Summerton Cocktail Table 435022 | Summerton Console Table 435910 | More details to come!

Oliver Fabric Chair B1713 | Lorenzo Cocktail Table 465011 | Lorenzo Side Table 465111 | More details to come!

Ariel Fabric Sofa P6087A | Ariel Fabric Chair P6082A | Renny Fabric Chair B7023 | Kateri Accent Table 487012

Upholstery Programs: Signature Seating

Bernhardt is also a good option for highly customized fabric upholstery. Select from dozens of frames ranging from ottomans and swivel chairs to family room sized sectionals. This is where Bernhardt’s curated selection of fabrics really shines. You can choose your body fabric, pillows, contrasting welt and even a pillow fringe without being a textiles expert. Opt for nail heads for a more traditional look, or leave them off for something more sleek. Bernhardt has done the hard work of making sure the options you choose will come together handsomely.

There is a surprising amount of variety that can be customized with 6 arm styles, 2 back styles, and 4 foot/base styles. Choose a turned foot with an English roll arm for a cozy cottage room or a tapered square leg with a track arm for a more transitional piece of furniture that can live in any room.

Work with one of our Design Consultants to select your options, leave the details to us!

Modular Sectionals

Bernhardt also offers modular sectionals for consumers who don’t necessarily want to be overwhelmed by customization options. These sectionals provide endless flexibility with as little as 3 component parts; a corner, a chair, and an ottoman. As free-standing pieces, they can be moved to create several configurations, allowing your room to function in different ways.

Sanctuary Armless Chair P7830A | Sanctuary Corner Chair P7832A | Sanctuary Fabric Ottoman P7831A | Mariposa Cocktail Table 522015 | Mariposa Console Table 522911 | Mariposa Side Table 522122

Motion Furniture

When you hear the term “motion furniture” a few aesthetics come to mind; your grampa’s favorite recliner, theater seats, or an Italian leather sectional that feels more racecar than family room. Bernhardt tasked themselves to create motion furniture that doesn’t look like motion furniture. These pieces move smoothly and allow for incredible comfort without overwhelming the design of a room.

Cosmo Leather Power Motion Sofa 3117RO

Casale Fabric Ottoman B1391 | Ellison Cocktail Table 553011 | Ellison Side Table 553124 | More details to come!

Fairgrove Side Table 416121 | Fairgrove Cocktail Table 416021 | Anders Fabric Chair B4604 | Montreaux Fabric Power Motion Chair B562RO | Montreaux Fabric Power Motion Sofa B567RO

Solari Fabric Power Motion Sofa B697RO | Solari Fabric Power Motion Chair B692RO | Petra Fabric Chair B2504 | Beauclair Cocktail Table 550021 | Laramie Accent Table 418123

Accent Chairs

Bernhardt's accent chairs are some of the most interesting we saw at Market. Many of their settings balanced clean, sober shapes with unique chairs that acted as the highlight of the room. Even the most contemporary chair styles were sophisticated and never overdone. With a single item, consumers can change the entire vibe of a room.

Nala Fabric Chair B9023

Elon Fabric Chair B7523

St. Jean Fabric Swivel Chair N8202S

Bernhardt Upholstery

Whether you’re looking for classic staples or expressive statement pieces, Bernhardt has an excellent selection of furniture that can easily blend with your existing design style. With options for large seating arrangements or intimate ones, Bernhardt makes it easy to bring a room together. Find the right piece for your lifestyle and taste with the help of one of our knowledgeable Design Consultants at Furnitureland South.