Zoned Dough Lavendar Pillow

by Malouf

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New ActiveDough foam offers the quick-response feel and superior support of latex, plus the just-right cushion and contouring relief of memory foam for a unique feel that is loved by sleepers of all styles and preferences. Infused with all-natural lavender oil, this pillow promotes a soothing sleep environment that uplifts the body and mind. Designed with zoned technology to relieve pressure points, this pillow has larger holes in the center of the pillow to cradle your head and smaller holes around the perimeter to support your neck. This silky soft pillow is topped with a breathable TENCEL mesh cover that regulates temperature for all-season comfort.

  • New Proprietary ActiveDoughoam
  • Infused with Calming Lavender
  • Breathable TENCEL Mesh Cover
  • Soothes While You Sleep
  • New ActiveDough foam offers the supportive feel of latex and the contouring comfort of memory foam
  • Zoned technology design cradles your head while supporting your neck for optimal comfort

Height 5.5 in.
Depth 28.0 in.
Width 15.5 in.
Weight 5.25 lbs.
Vendor Malouf

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