Double Knot Indoor/Outdoor 12"x20" Pillow


White Glove


SKU 7SB1S414204


Visions II


Trans Ocean Import

This nautical design is achieved by using Liora Manne's patented Lamontage process reflecting the characterization and qualities of color, stroke and texture rather than just the line of art. This technology combines handcrafted art with cutting edge tech in blue. The 100% Polyester face makes this pillow easy to clean and suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use with an easy-care removable cover with a durable zipper closure. This versatile Lamontage pillow is ideal for use on any chair or sofa, and the artistic designs will enhance the decor of any room of the home.

SKU 7SB1S414204
Height 7 in.
Depth 13 in.
Width 20 in.
Weight 1.25 lbs.
Collection Visions II
Vendor Trans Ocean Import

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