Aquila Backless Bar Stool


White Glove


SKU AE9-572B


Thomas O'Brien


Century Furniture

At over 125 pieces, this collection includes many types of furniture, from upholstery to handcrafted wood and metalwork, for every room of the home, and in time, the garden. In style it is hopefully just as ambitious and interesting. There are purely handsome French and Scandinavian modern inspirations, but also the world of historical English forms, and the glamour of the American skyscraper age in between. All these influences are refined and recombined through the ways that I think about vintage and modern living. Some of them are dressy. Some are casual. Everything has an essential American elegance that makes the design lasting.

SKU AE9-572B
Height 30.5 in.
Depth 18.0 in.
Width 18 in.
Weight 30 lbs.
Collection Thomas O'Brien
Vendor Century Furniture

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