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Customer Reviews

At Furnitureland South, we pride ourselves on offering customers a world-class shopping experience with unmatched customer service. Read our reviews and see what our happy customers have to say. If you want to share your experience with us, please leave us a rating on Google or our Facebook page!

Review by Gloria M.
Client had a 5+++ experience at Furnitureland South!

The reason I am writing is to let you know what an absolutely fabulous experience I had with your store and every person on your team I came into contact with!

Most notably, Tim O’Brien is beyond great!  In fact, I truly cannot think of enough superlatives to fully describe him! My positive experience was entirely due to Tim’s knowledge, expertise, kindness, and unparalleled customer service!

He treated me like a guest, or family member at his home.  In the 3 days I spent with him, I could tell Tim enjoys what he does and takes pride in his work.  He was committed 110% to providing me the best customer service possible and I wanted you to know you are fortunate to have him on your team setting an example for others.

One of the many things I appreciated was how Tim took the time to listen to my ideas, likes/dislikes, and asked insightful questions which helped to solve my furniture needs.  Tim was very respectful of my wishes and made his suggestions in an extremely tactful and professional way that always provided added value. 

Unfortunately, this kind of personable service is rare these days so it was delightful to see and experience it!  Please let him know how appreciative I am!  My only hope is that you can acknowledge him in some way for his extraordinary efforts!

Lastly, as I’d previously mentioned, your store is wonderful and has everything anyone could ever want or need.  It sells itself. 

However, the person you’re working with can make or break the entire deal.  Here’s a food/dining analogy that may help explain what I mean…

You can have amazing, 5 star food (Furnitureland South) but if you have mediocre service, it doesn’t matter how good the food, atmosphere, (furniture), etc., is.  It’s going to ruin the entire experience.  Conversely, if you have 5+++ star service to go along with that incredible food, it will be one of the best meals and memorable experiences you’ll ever have!  Undoubtedly, I received the best of both worlds!  I felt like I was treated to the 5 star “meal” and the 5+++ service!

Consider me a loyal customer and someone who will refer all my friends and family to Tim and Furnitureland South!!!

Review by Edward K.
Clients were relieved by the expertise of Design Consultant, Shana Herrington.

My wife and I would like to thank you! We are very excited about our new build in South Carolina, but to say the least a little overwhelmed about furnishing our home, a lot of decisions for sure especially with everything else we’re doing. I have no idea if it was an omen or what but how things worked out at my golf club…you being referred to us by a fellow club member to help with our project was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to Lisa and me. YOU WERE FANTASTIC! You not only know what you’re doing but after a few hours of listening and watching us you picked up on exactly what Lisa was looking for and our style. We like different ideas, trends and opinions and not just a “yes” person to agree. We were very lucky to have you for our two days at Furnitureland South. Lisa will be giving you a call when she heads back down with our daughter to furnish her home in the next few weeks. Thanks Again!

Review by Adele S.
This customer found exactly what she was looking for with the help of her Design Consultant!

I wanted to follow-up and let you know how I impressed I am with Furnitureland South. I had heard Furnitureland South was a large furniture store, but I wasn’t prepared for the hundreds of brands carried, the stunning showroom displays, and the fantastic pricing. It is by far the nicest furniture store I have ever visited. I was also fortunate to have Donald as my designer. Believe it or not, I actually spent a couple of hours on your website, reviewing the Furnitureland South designers’ biographies and videos. I selected Donald because his background and customer testimonials stood out. I was not disappointed. Donald guided me through what would have been an otherwise overwhelming goal: to pick out furniture for every room in my house in THREE days. We not only accomplished that goal, but also had fun doing it! It occurred to that my only regret was that I wish I had found Furnitureland South sooner.

Review by Dean O.
Client thanks Heidi Ellis for her attentiveness and helpfulness.

I’m located in the RTP, NC area and am in the process of moving so I was looking online at some of your furniture. Despite being after hours, I sent an online price inquiry and was quickly contacted by a FLS employee, Heidi Ellis. This immediately gave me the impression of a store and individual that wanted my business and would be attentive to my questions. We went back and forth and I ended up visiting the store while I was near the area. Since it was an unplanned visit, I had not given Heidi a heads up. However, when I told her that I was there, she made herself available. During my first visit to the store, she checked in and offered suggestions but didn’t turn me off by being pushy.

A week or two later, I was shopping locally and had made up my mind to purchase something. However, Heidi contacted me just as a follow-up. It was perfect timing! I shared with her the bedroom set that I was looking at and why I was planning on purchasing locally. She informed me that FLS also carried the set and that you all were about to be running a big sale and that she would look into making it worth the extra effort of going with FLS. Again, I was encouraged by her attentiveness and a sense that she was really looking to offer me the best deal that she could. Due to Heidi’s attentiveness and helpfulness, I ended up purchasing the bedroom set from FLS.

Heidi did an incredible job and she will certainly be someone that I contact for future purchases!

Review by Kim B.
Kim thanks her Design Consultant and gives Furnitureland South delivery 5 stars!

I just had my furniture delivered and wanted to give Furnitureland South 5 stars on my delivery service. Chris Brockman and Jermaine Mitchell were extremely professional and just about the nicest guys I have met. Kudos Furnitureland South for having these guys working for you. My sales person Patrick Farlow is one of the best sales/designer I have ever worked with. He was always there for me every step of the way. Give that young man a raise. Thank you!

Review by Hao
Satisfied clients are grateful for patience, respect, and professionalism showed by the Design Consultant.

My wife and I recently visited your outlet and subsequently placed several orders with Nathan Pyrtle. Our effort lasted more than a week, during which Nathan had shown great professionalism as well as flexibility in accommodating our inquiries and requests. He had been patient, considerate, and respectful to us and more than willing to make extra effort to offer us the best price possible. We felt we couldn’t have worked with a better sales person and it was only because of him we felt comfortable in making such large purchase relative to our capacity.

We will definitely consider your company first if we need to purchase furniture again in the future and will be more than happy to recommend Nathan to anyone looking for brand name furniture with great price.

Review by Linda and George
Thanks to Costanza Ellertsson they’re sure they will be back to shop again!

We received all of our furniture this afternoon! WOW, everything is great, everything looks beautiful, we are very pleased! The delivery guys were great too-Gary Ferguson & Westley Ford, very polite & accommodating, couldn’t have been nicer! Thank you so much for working with us, it was a pleasure! We are long time, very satisfied, happy customers of Furnitureland South. I am sure you will hear from us again, there is always something to add or change. Thanks again!

Review by Deborah B.

Spent a fabulous day with design consultant Donna Buchanan of Funiture Land South last Friday! Thank you Donna!

Review by Sue G.
Furnitureland South delivery gives true white glove service.

Your delivery crew: Logan Milton, Stephan Mayes, and Dylan Harrison gave “white glove service!” They should be recognized for their professionalism, courtesy and their caution of protecting not only goods delivered, but our walls and floors. Not a scratch! FLS needs to know– JOB WELL DONE and these three men need to be commended. Your delivery team is the customer’s last contact and lasting impression!

Review by Linda K.
Delivery of the entire house exceeded expectations.

Just want to express our extreme satisfaction with your delivery men Cody Allen and Julius Parker. These gentlemen delivered our furniture today and were the most professional individuals I have dealt with in quite a while. Our compliments on your hiring these special people. 

Review by Carolyn
Carolyn and her husband are so glad they chose Furnitureland South for their media room.

“Good Morning Tracy (Dunn),

First, let me say that my husband’s media room furniture was delivered on March 7th without incident. We were contacted when you estimated the furniture would be ready.  We regret that we did not purchase ALL of our furniture from Furnitureland as originally planned.  The 2 guys that delivered our furniture were EXCELLENT.  They were so concerned about causing any damage and it wasn’t exactly easy for them to get the media furniture upstairs.  So thank you very much! We have had nothing but issues with “other” furniture companies where we purchased our living room and dining room furniture. Thank you so much for your help!”

Review by Patrice P.
Patrice finally fulfilled her dream of owning a baby grand piano and was able to furnish the room with the help of her Design Consultant.

“Hi Sherry (Needles)– I just wanted to drop you guys a line to tell you how much I love my new furniture but especially to tell you how polite and courteous my delivery guys were. Devin Cooper and Alex Forrest were incredibly polite during our phone calls and during delivery. They took special care not to block any driveways of my neighbors (even though it was a longer walk for them to get the furniture in the house) and they took great care to ensure everything went off without a hitch. I’m sure you get enough complaints so I wanted to make sure you got some positive feedback as well. As always, FLS more than fulfilled my expectations!

Review by Neera J.
Furnished her entire home with the help of a Design Consultant

“We recently moved into a new home, and bought all our furniture from Furnitureland South. The last furniture pieces were delivered a couple of weeks ago. I was just writing to let you know that it has been a fantastic experience working with Cindy Smith. She was extremely courteous, very professional and knowledgeable, never pushy, and simply a delight to work with. The delivery crew was awesome and extremely professional as well. Over and above, our shopping experience at Furnitureland South was a 10/10. If we had an opportunity to buy furniture again, we will definitely be reaching out to Cindy again. Thanks!”

Review by Claudette P.
Furnished her entire home with the help of a Design Consultant

“I write to commend Timothy O’Brien, our FLS design consultant who, from our initial contact, has demonstrated an exceptional level of personal service and professional expertise – true dedication to ‘customer care.’

… Tim is an outstanding ambassador for Furnitureland South, and we have been happy to share the story of our FLS experience with friends and family. There’s no place like FLS, and we have Tim to thank for the success of our mission to furnish our new home. The furniture is beautiful and elegant, and all the pieces fit perfectly in our rooms. We’ve received many compliments. Working with an outstanding design consultant like Tim O’Brien and an amazing store like Furnitureland South made it all possible.”

Review by Mary D.
A customer for over 20 years, Mary returned to Furnitureland South to furnish her living room.

furnitureland south design team meeting“I first shopped at FLS more than 20 years ago. We loved what we bought and got great use out of our original purchase, and this year it was time to replace our family room… clearly, the furniture owed us nothing! So we came back to you and were introduced to Dot Herron, one of your design consultants. The reason for my note is to tell you what a wonderful experience we had working with Dot! She was very attentive, always followed through, significantly influenced our final decisions and was an absolute joy to deal with (all by email and telephone)!”

Review by Noorah M.
Customer traveled from Michigan to create custom upholstered pieces with the help of a Design Consultant. 

“My name is Noorah M. and I travelled from Michigan all the way to North Carolina to shop for furniture at Furnitureland South. I used the online videos to choose a design consultant and I found Kate Zylstra Joy. Through her video I felt that her background in design best met my needs. I began by calling her and she was very responsive. We worked for a while on floor plans as I sent her measurements and pictures of my home. When I was ready to make the trip for the weekend with my husband, we set up a time to meet with Kate and she spent the whole weekend taking us around Furnitureland South… We were able to pick up everything we needed for our home in such a short period of time. Kate was open to all of our ideas and she made all of our ideas work with other pieces of furniture. I actually had one fabric that I came with from home and she made that fabric work all around the pieces that we chose for the great room. We had such a positive and great experience and we can’t wait to come back again! Thank you again for this wonderful experience.”

Review by John S.
Customer searched for the perfect chair to add to his space with the help of a Design Consultant.

“… A couple of weeks ago, my sister traveled with me to Greensboro to celebrate my Grandmother Sholar’s 110th birthday. We were on a tight schedule, needing to work in many stops. I needed a new chair and wanted to run by Furnitureland South to check out their clearance center. … I contacted my sales associate Sherry Needles via Facebook and told her I was coming in. As a type A personality, I wanted NO help. I just wanted to walk through the store and “I’d know it when I saw it.” I had Sherry’s cell number and I told her I would text her the photo of the price tag so she could just write it up for me. Fifteen minutes into my search, I hear “Well John Sholar, how are you stranger?” … I told Sherry I needed something small scale with the swivel mechanism. Sherry then proceeded to walk us through floor after floor of furniture. She knew, with precision, where all the possible chairs might be. … I felt bad that Sherry put so much effort into the sale of one chair. Of course, she didn’t care because my mission became her mission. … Do you need furniture? Contact Sherry Needles or her husband, Todd. They will hook you up!”

Review by Donna W.
Purchased two leather sofas, two chairs and a lamp to further furnish her home.

“On Wednesday, July 15, I emailed you about the difficulty I was having in getting a situation resolved with Furnitureland South. I sent the message after 7 p.m., not knowing whether you would even respond. Much to my pleasant surprise, I received a phone call from Joel Payne before noon the next day. Joel reassured me that he was going to take care of the problems I was having, and he did. Thanks to Joel’s attitude, professionalism, and personable demeanor, he turned the situation around for me with minimal hassle from that point on. He restored my faith in your company; and, as a result, last week I purchased 2 leather sofas, 2 chairs, and a lamp from FLS. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and for handing the situation over to someone who is empowered to take care of it.”


Review by Rosemary M.
This customer was pleased by the professionalism exhibited by the delivery crew.

“I would like to relay to you that this past week I had a significant amount of furniture delivered from Furnitureland South. The two guys that delivered and put everything into place were Savy and Adrian. I would like you to know how professional they were and how very hard they worked until they had everything in place as I wanted it. Even with a few difficulties, they never gave up and were successful in placing each piece as desired. I think it is important for you to know that the people who deliver the furniture purchased are the last face and voice of your company and it is important that they stand up to the test. Please know that they did your company proud and were excellent representatives for you. They deserve much credit, and it is my hope that they are recognized for all their hard work for all your customers. Thank you.”

Review by Jeffrey N.
Furnished his home with the help of a Design Consultant.

“My fiancée and I drove down to your store from Michigan last week. My fiancée had been in contact with Kate Zylstra Joy prior to coming and when we arrived, Kate could not have been more helpful, she was outstanding. We were able to find and purchase everything we needed and wanted and Kate was with us all the way. What a great store you have and great employees as well. I cannot say enough good things about your store or Kate. Thank you!”

Review by Kristi W.
This customer spent the day shopping on campus and found furnishings for her home.

“… The associate who helped me was Michelle Taylor. I emailed her in advance what I was looking for, my taste preferences, and my budget. She promptly called to confirm that she received my email and scheduled an appointment at my convenience. When I arrived she was prepared for our day together. We scoured the entire 1 million square feet of furniture until my list of items was filled and I was completely happy. Her suggestions were helpful and her design skills much needed. I appreciated her patience and professionalism the whole day with me and have been assured in person and via email that I can call her any time.

This is my third purchase from FLS. I shop with them because there is no pressure to buy, the selection is unparalleled anywhere in the country, and the prices are not bad.”

Fabric Selection at Furnitureland SouthReview by Barb D.
Shopping at Furnitureland South saved this customer 40-75% off retail prices.

“I Love Furnitureland South!! They have the best pricing on furniture!!! I have saved anywhere from 40-75% off of retail. They have the best delivery guys. I have been ordering from them for 10 years. They just delivered 2 console tables a few weeks ago. I received several phone calls updating me on my delivery. Everyone is so professional right down to their delivery men. Love them!!!”

Review by Megan S.
Furnished her dining room, master bedroom and family room with beautiful pieces.

“The service here was excellent. I especially enjoyed working with our sales rep, Donald Beck. He was extremely helpful in suggesting appropriate pieces based on my style preferences. I had no problem coordinating delivery of all of our furniture. We spent about 12k on dining room, master bedroom and family room furniture, along with some small decorative pieces. After some research I found the same online for over 20k. I will say that I read reviews regarding delivery issues before visiting the store, so I was prepared for the worst. A representative called the following week to schedule a time/day for delivery. They offered me two dates, based on when the truck would be in my area. Overall, a pretty simple process. I will definitely purchase from them in the future, and recommend them to all of our friends. We get compliments on our furniture by everyone that visits, not only because it is beautiful, but also very well crafted. We will be back when we are ready to furnish our den and sunroom.”

Review by James M.
Searching for a Marge Carson cocktail table, this customer found the best price at Furnitureland South.

“While searching for the Marge Carson cocktail table my wife wanted, we found Furnitureland. You provided me a quote for the table and freight that was significantly lower than anything we could find locally or within our surrounding states and also provided me with a lead-time for fabrication that was in line with what others said was standard time from this factory. …Imagine our delight when your delivery department called with an early February delivery date.

… As my wife was giving further directions to our home, she asked what type of truck they were driving. When they explained it was a full-size over the road tractor-trailer my wife realized it would never make it up the main road from the highway let alone down our little road. So my wife arranged to take her SUV to a shopping area off the highway where the drivers could park and then transfer the table to her car and then she could get some neighbors to help put it in the house. When she got to the shopping area, the drivers loaded the table and then told her it was part of their job to make sure the table was placed exactly where it was supposed to go in the home and to inspect for any damage. … The drivers then put the table in place, completing their job mission and then my wife drove them back to their truck.

… They were professional, courteous and talked very highly of your company and exclaimed that they hoped we would continue to patronize Furnitureland South. These 2 gentlemen are excellent representatives of your company and are to be commended.”

Review by Sis B.
Shopping with a Design Consultant helped this customer find what she was looking for to furnish her home.

“What a whirlwind of fun we had these past couple days with Laura Dotson. I hope you know that I mean with the greatest sincerity how much I appreciated working with you as a professional but also (and probably more importantly) you as a person. What a lovely person you are. We must have done something “right” to deserve you. Anyway…thank you so much for everything.”

Review by Joe L.
Needing pieces for his Baltimore home, he found what he was looking for at Furnitureland South.

“I just recently purchased furniture from Debbie Pegram. I wanted to just let you guys know how great she was throughout the whole process. She was extremely responsive, helpful and provided me with her cell just in case I needed her and could not reach on hard telephone line. I called her at 7pm for a question regarding the ordering, and without hesitation she picked up after hours while she was at home. She really made me feel comfortable with ordering from you (I live in Baltimore , MD) and you should know she is a real asset to your company. Do whatever you have to, just keep Debbie a member of your team!!”

Join Our Team
Review by David & Mona H.
Their Design Consultant enhanced this couple’s visit to Furnitureland South.

“Very satisfied with everything. From the moment we walked into your showroom to the time our furniture was delivered and placed in our home, your entire staff displayed excellent customer service! Dawn Sara, our Design Consultant was so very helpful with our selections and we enjoyed working with her. We will be back. Thank you.”

Review by Susan
This customer enjoyed picking out furniture for her home.

“What a difference Cheryl Umbaugh and Sherry Needles have made in my life! You took an overwhelming task and created something beautiful. I have loved working with you and actually liked picking out furniture.”

Review by Bernadette C.
A returning customer found pieces that fit with her design style and budget.

“The furniture is wonderful and the sales person, Debbie Pegram, and delivery people were professional and courteous! This is our second purchase from Furnitureland South, and both experiences were excellent.”

Review by Ara & Roxanne G.
With the help of a Design Consultant, this couple found furniture that fit perfectly with their space.

“We cannot say enough about Cherry Yount; she is professional and delightful. Sara Ferree and Sebrena Jenkins are great to work with. Both of your delivery persons were efficient and hard working. We will be back and recommend very strongly to family and friends.”

Review by Karen H.
Working with a Design Consultant, this customer had a positive shopping experience and found pieces for her home.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Don Greeson again for his patience these past several days. His honest and candid thoughts were most appreciated and his industry knowledge invaluable in assisting me to make the right purchase decisions. It was a pleasure to be his client, an experience I will share with others in a most positive light.”


Review by Patti S.

“I always recommend Furnitureland South to all my friends. Audrey Roth is awesome, and the delivery guys were fantastic.”

Review by Ann O.
A Design Consultant helped this customer coordinate her decorating style with pieces that fit with her style.

“I am from out of town and finally was able to visit your showroom for the first time several weeks ago. I’ve had a few dealings with Furnitureland South over the years and was very happy to find that one of your Design Consultants was still there: Susan Cord. I hope it is possible for someone to personally extend my thanks and appreciation for her genuine willingness to very graciously accommodate my needs and take the extra steps to help me solve my decorating problems. Thank you.”

Review by Verus & Judy M.
These repeat customers found exactly what they were looking for at Furnitureland South.

“We’ve made several purchases from Furnitureland South and will continue to do so in the future. We have found that you’ve been able to meet all our needs thus far, and in addition we couldn’t ask for better service than what we’ve gotten from your representatives, especially Ray Haire; you’re fortunate to have him on your team.”

Review by Janice & Steve T.
This couple was very pleased with the decorating talent of their Design Consultant.

“My husband and I have worked with Tim Shepard for many years. We have followed him as he has moved from different companies because he is such an excellent designer, and both a wonderful and helpful salesman. We have never been disappointed with any of his suggestions or advice. Trust is something that takes many years to build and Tim has certainly earned ours. We have recommended him to our relatives and friends. Our latest purchase was a wonderful experience and when we are in need of other furniture, we will use both Tim and Furnitureland South again!”

Review by George S.
This customer enjoyed the great service and prices found at Furnitureland South.

“Great service and prices. Todd Needles is great and we will continue to use him for all our furniture needs in the future. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. A true professional that is a rarity now a days!”

Review by William & Cynthia T.
A positive experience from beginning to end, this couple found the perfect pieces for their home.

“I’m thrilled with Furnitureland South, Audrey Roth, the Design Consultant who helps us and Angelo, the deliveryman. We love our furniture and look forward to buying more! We have told all of our friends about Furnitureland South and our wonderful experience!”

Review by Rob & Kim C.
Their Design Consultant was patient and diligent with each of their design requests.

Sherry Needles has been wonderful. She has been very patient and diligent with every request/question/concern my husband and I have had. I will recommend Sherry to others!”

Review by Jim B.
Starting a new chapter in his life, this customer found pieces to accommodate his style and budget.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate Tracy Dunn and everyone at Furnitureland South. I lost my wife to cancer two years ago next month. Buying furniture was a huge step for me. I was lost amid acres of furniture. Tracy and everyone in your company made it a partnering & enjoyable step. Thank you so much.”

Review by Susan L.

“It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had from shopping in the store w/the salesperson to the friendly scheduler to the amazing deliverymen.”

Review by Tamie & Don B.
Their Design Consultant helped them select the perfect furniture for their home.

“Quality furniture, extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. Chris Fox was amazing to work with on selecting our furniture. I would highly recommend her to anyone visiting Furnitureland South. Thanks!”

Review by Ann Marie A. 
This customer’s pleasant experience inspired her to recommend Furnitureland South to others.

“I find Furnitureland South to be above and beyond with the service they give to their customers! I recommend them to everyone, it is a pleasure, and I must say my Design Consultant, Debbie Rickard is fantastic. The deliverymen were so friendly and courteous, I look forward to my next order!”

Review by Jeff W.
With over 15 years of shopping at Furnitureland South, this customer always enjoys his experience.

“I have shopped with you for over 15 yrs – and have referred many customers your way. I am a HIGHLY satisfied customer and will be back!”

Review by Debora & Alfred K.
This couple found all the furniture they desired, in half the time they expected.

“We were prepared for a long and tedious process. We were pleasantly surprised, as it turned out to be a fun experience (finding exactly what we need in half the time we expected). And Debbie Kennon was not just our sales representative – it was as if we were shopping with our best friend! Even our kids enjoyed hanging out with her!”

Review by Dave & Diana S. 
With the help of a Design Consultant, this couple made their room look even better than they imagined.

Lee Crutchfield respected our view of what our room should look like while offering suggestions to make the room even better than we imagined! He also guided us through all the various showrooms helping us to focus on the style of furniture we expressed interest in. We are so excited about our purchases and can’t wait to see it all put together. Thank you Lee Crutchfield & Furnitureland South.”

Review by Kim W.
Found a bed and night stands to enhance the look of her bedroom.

“I would like to say that the delivery team that was here was very good and careful and courteous. I appreciate Cherry Yount for working with me on my initial call. I can’t describe how pleased and grateful I am that I have this particular bed and night stands, just BEAUTIFUL. She truly made my dreams come true. A big thumbs up to all you folks at Furnitureland South. I will definitely keep you in mind for the future. Thanks a million.”

Review by Richard W.
His Design Consultant helped lead him in the right direction when it came to decorating his home.

Nathan Pyrtle is always ready and available to help us! He is thoughtful and works to make you happy. No pressure, he just gives you great consultant advice and then gives you time to make your decision. I have yet to make a wrong decision. Thank you Nathan!”

Review by Jan M.
Loved the experience she had at Furnitureland South and will recommend to friends and family.

“My husband and I were delighted with our recent visit. Jean Ambrose was great. I just recommended her to my daughter for future purchases. We have other projects in the future and we will be back…thank you so much!”

Review by Joe & Karne C.
Enjoyed the patience and kindness of her Design Consultant while shopping for her home.

Dedra Powers was very professional and knowledgeable about the furniture. She followed through on every detail and always returned calls in a timely fashion. I would certainly recommend her to friends. Dedra was a pleasure to work with and she was patient and very caring.”

Review by Bill & Anne H.
A great experience with their Design Consultant motivated this couple to recommend FLS to others.

“We tell all our friends about Furnitureland South. Our Design Consultant Tim Dougan was amazing. He answered every question we had. Worked on every request we had. My husband and I would like to say thank you for having Tim on your sales team.”

Review by Drena P.
Utilizing the help of a Design Consultant made this customer’s visit productive and successful.

“On our first arrival to Furnitureland South, we were given the sales rep of Jim Berrier. We have been very pleased with any and all business done with Jim over the past few years.”

furnitureland south design team
Review by Sara & David H.
This couple enjoyed the one-on-one attention and decorating talent from a Design Consultant.

Anne Harris was excellent to work with during our visit and via phone and email afterwards. Her ability to work with us and to take the time to be sure our selections would work with our room was very helpful and provided individualized service.”

Review by Steve & Pam D.
With the help of a Design Consultant, this couple got expert advice when asking for decorating direction.

Lucille Garner was a tremendous help in making our furniture decisions. She acted in a most professional manner. She inquired as to our likes, dislikes and did not try to steer us in a certain direction. She was most candid and we really appreciated her opinions. We will definitely purchase from Furnitureland South in the future and will ask for her help at that time.”

Review by Dottie S.
After spending time comparing prices, she found the best deals at Furnitureland South.

Bill Conner was great to deal with. I went back and forth several times with him on getting prices on different pieces and types of furniture. He never complained and was happy to help. He even was able to match an offer I had in Indianapolis on a mattress, which gave you guys an extra sale!!”

Review by Suzanne A.
Her Design Consultant was quick, responsive and inspiring while she looked for home furnishings.

“My Design Consultant, Shana Martin, is always a pleasure to work with. She is responsive to all my questions and the turnaround time is always quick. Love working with her.”