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  • Ambiance Daybed
    Wesley Allen Ambiance Daybed
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    The Ambiance day bed adds subtle elegance and deliberate style creating the quality of a picturesque, old-world art piece to the modern world with upgrades like unexpected curves, minimalistic simplicity, and limited ornamentation that highlight the dignity and refinement of the iron bed design. This old-meets-new combination will steal the show or blend effortlessly into a variety of existing décors.
    Product ID: 4103-SB-001
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  • Saratoga Daybed
    Wesley Allen Saratoga Daybed
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    Energetic and elegant, the Saratoga day bed exudes confidence. Saratoga offers geometric perfection while withstanding a highly capable design. Its accompanying rail provokes the imagination, partnering deep-hued construction with flexibility. Highly ambitious, the Saratoga iron bed spares little in charismatic appeal.
    Product ID: 4140-SB-001
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  • Bennett Daybed
    Wesley Allen Bennett Daybed
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    The charm of the Bennett day bed lies in its elegant, unhurried personality. From handsome upright supports to the camelback-style back and sloped sides, Bennett offers both relaxed comfort and style. A deep, rich finish adds substance, and carefully-worked finials, ornamental joints, and elegantly tapered feet combine to complete the iron bed's look without busying Bennett's characteristically nonchalant style.
    Product ID: 4195-SB-001
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  • Ayla Daybed
    Wesley Allen Ayla Daybed
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    The low profile and crisp, geometric lines of the Ayla day bed represent a functional, sober style, but the upholstered iron bed's panels add a touch of luxury and soften all the right angles. A square frame and sturdy supports keep Ayla's look clean and up-to-date, while floating panels on the sides and back provide a classy and cozy feel.
    Product ID: 4211-SB-001
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  • Ostego Daybed
    Wesley Allen Ostego Daybed
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    The Ostego day bed pairs airy, lighthearted wit with a touch of romance. Careful arches and slopes pair with straightforward vertical supports to create an elegant, unpretentious effect. Ostego offers an artful touch that goes beyond the ordinary: a clean finished look, contrasting ornaments, and crystal glass finials that add careful detail--right down to the slim, tapered feet.
    Product ID: 4196-SB-001
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