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Ottomans & Benches

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  • A steel framework is covered with concrete and sculpted to look like tree branches on this unique bench. The rustic style is organic yet chic and moves with ease both indoors and out.
    Product ID: 2700
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  • A traditional English Garden bench, the Hatfield is perfectly proportioned and finely crafted. A Portland wash will patina with age adding character and authenticity to this luxurious outdoor bench.
    Product ID: 2724
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  • Our Harewood Bench is sophisticated and modern with a minimalist profile and Polished Concrete finish. Use indoors or out to add instant and effortless chic to any space.
    Product ID: 2003
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  • This captivating faux bois bench appears to be a rooted, sprouting tree, growing up from the ground. This heavy concrete bench makes a fantastic addition to a garden or other outdoor/indoor space.
    Product ID: 2009
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  • Neoclassical details make this backless bench a timeless addition to any outdoor garden or interior space. The Chippendale Bench comfortably seats three.
    Product ID: 2022
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  • A classic English garden bench surprises all with its smoothly finished concrete construction. Its generous size adds to its presence.
    Product ID: 2385
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  • The Woodland Bench is created the old-fashioned way by artisans who hand-apply the concrete over a metal frame and then sculpt it into the appearance of tree branches. The rustic yet transitional style of this organic piece allows it to move seamlessly in
    Product ID: 2705
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  • The crowning piece of the Arboria Collection of this distinctive bench. Its transitional form is at the same time rustic, with a black concrete Faux Bois finish.
    Product ID: 2000-0003
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