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  • Otto Display Cabinet
    Dovetail Furniture Otto Display Cabinet
    Original Price: $4,844
    Special Price: $2,564
    The Otto Cabinet uses reclaimed wood in a weathered black finish to create a piece that is tall and strong. It has a presence that can't be ignored and features like adjustable shelves that shouldn't be.
    Product ID: DOV9904
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  • Clarise Display Cabinet
    Councill Clarise Display Cabinet
    Original Price: $11,599
    Special Price: $2,859
    This sale includes one Clarise Display Cabinet. Councill's collections are reflections of you, surpassing the ordinary to embrace the exquisite. Because we believe that every well-adorned home should include Councill, we encourage your creativity and imagination to lend a personal touch to meticulously crafted pieces. It is always your dreams and imagination for the perfect piece in a room that become our inspiration. Our furniture is most clearly manifested through our craftsmanship and materials, where we offer a myriad of finishes and fabrics that reference today's sophisticated lifestyles. Only the highest grade leathers and woods are used, establishing a sturdy foundation for Councill's signature aesthetic to layer upon. In addition, our loyalty to American-made craftsmanship remains unwavering since 1973; each piece displays the impeccable workmanship only accomplished by our American experts to build elegant furnishings for luxury enthusiasts. We remain committed to earning the right to be your company of choice, not by what we say but by what we do.
    Product ID: 2004-436MEP
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  • Hidalgo Vitrine
    Dovetail Furniture Hidalgo Vitrine
    Original Price: $2,974
    Special Price: $1,574
    Geometric fretwork over the glass doors and a turquoise crackle finish enhances the vintage aesthetic of the solid-hardwood Hidalgo Vitrine. The interior and four fixed shelves show off the wood construction. Finish color and coverage will vary.
    Product ID: AE143
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  • Bryanston Cabinet
    Dovetail Furniture Bryanston Cabinet
    Original Price: $2,974
    Special Price: $1,574
    The hand-rubbed antique-grey finish on the oak frame complements the paint-coated black steel-tube base of the Bryanston Cabinet. The case holds three tiers of wood-framed glass double-doored cabinets.
    Product ID: DOV3354
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  • Koba Cabinet
    Dovetail Furniture Koba Cabinet
    Original Price: $2,338
    Special Price: $1,178
    Industrial design lovers rejoice! The Koba Cabinet is as strong as it comes. This steel two door cabinet is sealed for protection and shine. Its open glass panels on the top half of its doors allow visibility to the upper inside fixed shelves.
    Product ID: X003
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  • Newport Storage Cabinet in Saltbox White
    Stanley Furniture Newport Storage Cabinet in Saltbox White
    Original Price: $4,142
    Special Price: $1,927
    Peer through the seeded glass doors and into another time. Generously oversized shelves, built-in lights and mirrored back offer unexpected impact.
    Product ID: 411-21-10
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  • Bolero Display Cabinet
    Marge Carson Bolero Display Cabinet
    Original Price: $16,717
    Special Price: $4,077
    This sale includes a Bolero Display Cabinet
    Product ID: BOL19
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  • Casetta Display Cabinet
    Marge Carson Casetta Display Cabinet
    Original Price: $14,922
    Special Price: $2,729
    This sale includes a Casetta Display Cabinet.
    Product ID: CA09
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  • Barnsley Cabinet
    Dovetail Furniture Barnsley Cabinet
    Original Price: $3,684
    Special Price: $1,950
    The Barnsley Cabinet is simple, casual yet stately, with its sealed finish over reclaimed pine contrasting with the painted jute shown off on its interior back panel through the glass-paneled front. Four removable shelves provide versatile tiers for display or storage, accessible with the classic French hardware. Available in natural and black.
    Product ID: DOV384
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  • Pair of Hudson Display Cabinets
    Bramble Company Pair of Hudson Display Cabinets
    Original Price: $31,288
    Special Price: $9,684
    This sale includes a Pair of Hudson Display Cabinets.
    Product ID: 26570
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