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    Does your space need a little pizazz? Shop our wide selection of home furnishings from living room coffee tables to living room accent tables!
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Coffee & Accent Tables

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Shop the Coffee & Accent Tables

  • Stainless steel base, featured in white gloss. A simple look that can accommodate to any décor.
    Product ID: BALDO
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  • Candice has a tempered glass top that sits atop a beautifully crafted base with points that extend to the skies. This unique look is multifunctional and a superb piece for any living space. The rich walnut finish gives it an elegant, yet earthy aesthetic.
    Product ID: CANDICE
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  • Unique stainless steel base holds a perfect circle of tempered glass that will fit with your decor. Simple, curved lines stretch to embrace the glass top- sturdy and stylish.
    Product ID: CLARK
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  • Simple but stylish and universal, the DM-6356 end table can be integrated into a variety of rooms seamlessly.
    Product ID: DM-6356
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  • Curved base of Katniss leg is a contemporary variation on an art deco style end table. Perfect addition to your living space.
    Product ID: KATNISS
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  • This round coffee table will beautifully accentuate your modern décor. Three stainless steel legs embrace the perfect glass circle. Experiment with different shapes with the textiles in your living space. Be creative, or simplistic!
    Product ID: KATNISS-R
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  • Unique form that challenges traditional concepts of coffee table shapes. Three stainless steel legs embrace the organic curved S-shape of the glass. An extraordinary addition to your living room.
    Product ID: KATNISS-S
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  • Simple design perfect for small spaces and nooks. White gloss lacquered top gives the Leon a clean and sleek look.
    Product ID: LEON
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  • Funky in design, yet functional and durable. Lola is the perfect accent to your modern setting. An exquisite high gloss top mounted on a metal base, very simple yet accommodating circular table.
    Product ID: LOLA
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  • Luiza is a fusion of the delicate orderliness of the classic geometry of design with an exquisite visual appeal of a modern sculpture. The open base allows you to bring the table close. The best in convenience and style for end table design.
    Product ID: LUIZA
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  • Lunas design is innovative, stylish and accommodating. The smart placement of the side glass exudes a unique contemporary appeal. High gloss lacquer with 2 clear side glass, great for storage inside
    Product ID: LUNA
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  • With a contemporary and versatile style, this Sabrina Coffee Table features a highly polished stainless steel frame, which is connected by a walnut wooden tray at the bottom. The tabletop is made of blue glass, Overall, this table can be incorporated into a variety of rooms and its original look will undoubtedly add a bold flair to your home.
    Product ID: SABRINA
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  • The Solar Swivel Glass Coffee Table is a dual-ringed motion coffee table with unparalleled elegance. It can rotate in both directions on a heavy duty axis made from handmade stainless steel parts. It quickly transforms from a compact centerpiece and is perfect for accommodating numerous guests in one finger tip.
    Product ID: SOLAR
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  • A striking color combo gives the Libby end table a contemporary look. Lobby has a drawer with soft touch closing mechanism.
    Product ID: LIBBY-2
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