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    When you find the perfect table, don’t forget to add dining room chairs that coordinate perfectly with your space. For more information about our low price guarantee, contact a design consultant today.

Dining Chairs

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  • Fusion of classic harmony of design and contemporary elegance of minimalist art, 1008-DC chairs enhance any décor. Brushed stainless steel legs contribute to the contemporary, sleek design of the chair.
    Product ID: 1008-DC
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  • The 224 Arm Chair  is fully enveloped in wrap-around leather, including the legs. Unique detailing in the curvilinear stainless steel arms. A great piece for your modern dining room; sleek and simple. Also available in the Savona collection,
    Product ID: 224A
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  • Fashionable, versatile and comfortable, the Adeline dining chairs combine the warmth and natural look of wood with the leather-inspired seat. Perfect for other tables with a wooden accent; try the Sun Dining Table, Soul Dining Table, Dakota Dining Table, or Costa Dining Table.
    Product ID: ADELINE
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  • The Aiden Dining Chair is stylish addition to the modern dining area. The curved structure of the chair contours the shape of your body and envelopes you in comfort. Perfectly simple, simply perfect.
    Product ID: AIDEN
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  • Fashionable yet practical and accommodating, Air is a great piece for your dining room or even commercial business needs. Sleek metal legs and black leather-esque polyurethane complement many different styles.
    Product ID: AIR
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  • The Bernice Dining Chair is known for its unique and outstanding design, accentuating the new turn of the modern style oriented living with its cantilever support structure. Its smooth lines and detailed stitching make this contemporary chair a stylish and desirable choice. Available in four attractive polyurethane finishes to personalize your dining room.
    Product ID: BERNICE
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  • Get in touch with nature with the Brio dining chair. This chair radiates warmth and comfort. Enveloped in leather-inspired PU in three natural colors. Fully supported with beech wood legs and reinforced back.
    Product ID: BRIO
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  • Classic and sleek,  and enveloped in leather, the Cherie is a timeless piece for your dining room.
    Product ID: CHERIE
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  • Glossy, modern and comfortable, Chris Dining Chair has a timeless design suitable for any classic or eccentric dining room. Made with leather-inspired polyurethane, Chris allows your guests to feel comfortable and at ease. Available in six stunning colors to suit your mood, décor and unique sense of style.
    Product ID: CHRIS
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  • The Daisy Dining Chairs versatile design makes every dining room a comfortable place for seating. Created with two removable parts: seat and backrest. You can detach the cushions for easy clean up. Legs are also upholstered in leather-inspired PU. Available in 6 great colors. Mix and match for a completely funky look, or choose from our classic color selection.
    Product ID: DAISY
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  • Fashionable and functional, Eva dining chair has been ingeniously designed to accentuate modern European elegance. The light walnut frame brings about an ambiance of natural elegance and comfort into the home and the leather-inspired white PU gives the dining chair a clean, sleek look.
    Product ID: EVA
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  • Dine in elegant style and lavish comfort with the stunning Fernanda Dining Chair. This sleek and sophisticated dining chair features brushed stainless steel frame, a ruffle-design polyurethane cover seat which is supported by a walnut-veneer back.
    Product ID: FERNANDA
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  • Less is more with the Jolie Dining Chair. Simple, chromed design and a sleek character define this modern seat. The modern cantilever structure, popularized by Mies Van der Rohe, still remains an important part of 20th-Century design and will look stunning around your dining table. Available in four leather-inspired polyurethane finishes.
    Product ID: JOLIE
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  • Sleek and professional enough for a formal dinner, or a casual rendez-vous along the dining table with friends. The back is supportive, and challenges gravity with the base and frame. The modern cantilever structure, popularized by Mies Van der Rohe, remains an important part of 20th century design and will complement your dining room décor with classic, timeless taste.
    Product ID: LOTTO
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  • The Monique Dining Chairs design combines a minimalist and modern aesthetic that will integrate fantastically with your décor. The Monique is stackable for space convenience. Leather-esque polyurethane covering tops a chromed base.
    Product ID: MONIQUE
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  • The Stella Dining Chair can be a distinct and contemporary supplement to any living area.
    Product ID: STELLA
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  • Sturdy and full upholstered dining chair features linen fabric and button fixture detailing at the back to give the Zoe a fun personality for your dining area.
    Product ID: ZOE
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