About Spring Air Mattress

The Sleep Specialists of Sleepland at Furnitureland South care about the quality of your sleep, which is why they play host to a variety of NC furniture and mattress manufacturers. Spring Air, located in Greensboro, NC, is one of those exceptional brands.

In 1926, Frank Grove was sent to Greensboro, NC, on behalf of Southern Spring Bedding Company, a manufacturer of bedding for Southern Cross sleep products, to open a new company territory. Because of his enthusiasm, his service, and the quality of the products he sold, Frank prospered within the industry; and in the mid 1900’s he and his two sons decided to open a full-service warehouse that distributed wholesale furniture.

By the late 1960’s, the Grove family realized they wanted to make a future in manufacturing their own bedding products and took action by contacting the Spring Air Company in Chicago. After being licensed to manufacture “Spring Air” products in NC, VA, and WV, the Grove family opened a factory in 1971, which led to the introduction of the Spring Air “Back Supporter.” Then in 1988, they relocated to their current factory which is located in Greensboro, NC.

The story of Spring Air has always been centered around the importance and value of people over products. They firmly believe that their family is doing business with your family, and that passion for honest, quality business is what has led them to become a locally and nationally recognized mattress manufacturer.

All materials used in Spring Air mattresses are purchased in the USA and are hand crafted and tailored. Known for their back supporting mattresses, each Spring Air product contains focuses on superior lumbar support in the center 1/3 of the mattress, offering proper spinal alignment for your back, head, neck and shoulders.

Visit Sleepland at Furnitureland South, The World’s Largest Furniture Store, in High Point, NC, and become a part of the Grove family legacy by shopping our wide selection of their incredible mattresses.