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  • Selva Modern Bedroom

Why Shop Selva?

Selva will be quick to tell you that what inspires them is the love of people. Instead of simply building furniture, Selva helps create an environment in which people are happy through their creations. These efforts ensure that Selva is always motivated by new ideas. These ever-evolving creative forces keep Selva always relevant within the industry. Additionally, the focus on a cosmopolitan sense of living and multicultural thinking makes Selva furniture extremely appealing to a wide audience. You can see this appeal realized in the Selva products offered by Furnitureland South, The World’s Largest Furniture Store

Every piece of Selva furniture is an exquisite work of handcrafted art. For that reason, Selva’s customers can take pleasure not only in the design, but also in the perfect and loving workmanship, as well. This holds true down to the finest detail. Masterpieces from the most diverse stylistic trends are not only copied by Selva, but also newly interpreted and varied with a creativity that is true to the style. Because for Selva, the classic is not a stiff object, but rather a living work of art which is designed and produced by genuine experts in their field. It’s no wonder, then, that a good many of Selva’s creations even surpass their classic model in form and workmanship.

Inspirations from all eras and cultures are melded together by Selva into new and exclusive ideas. The varied product line opens up the possibility for all those in search of something special to custom-design their world.

Come into the Furnitureland South showroom, in High Point, NC, to explore how you can customize your own world to be everything you want with Selva Style International.

Reviews & Ratings
  • 10 out of 5 -
    Great Experience
    Very efficient and helpful. Processed my order very quickly and very responsive to my questions.
    by ykoszela45 on November 21, 2017
  • 10 out of 5 -
    Excellent Experience
    We worked with Catherine Gardner who was excellent. She walked the entire complex to help us! We could not make a decision that day, but we stayed in contact and ended up buying and entertainment...
    by mtphillips2 on November 15, 2017
  • 10 out of 5 -
    Extremely pleased with the product and the service!
    I love the table. The free delivery and set-up proved to be invaluable. Very professional and pleasant people to work with.
    by ahackett-98852 on November 8, 2017
  • 7.5 out of 5 -
    Love our sofa
    Sales lady was very helpful.
    by mylavenderave on November 5, 2017
  • 10 out of 5 -
    Great experience from start to finish!
    Before even visiting Furnitureland South, I did a lot of research comparing prices of specific furniture brands, store policies and delivery guidelines. I also communicated with the store. All in a...
    by jpackhem on November 5, 2017
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