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About Magnussen Home

Magnussen has a passion for details. It stems from how they run their company, grows into the conveniences they design into our furniture, and blooms into the relationships they build with their valued dealers. They design every piece of furniture that carries the Magnussen Home name. They understand that finishing touches like intricately carved woodwork or ironwork do more than complete the look of a piece of furniture; they set the tone of your home. Their furniture does more than fill a home. It expresses who you are.

Magnussen Home designs and crafts furniture to fit into one of four lifestyle categories: Modern Horizons, Casual Retreats, Global Vista and Tailored Expressions. Within these, you’ll find furniture that harmonizes the design and functionality each particular lifestyle demands. Modern Horizons captures a contemporary spirit of style with bold clean lines and fresh materials. Casual Retreats embodies a sense of revitalization where comfort and function is a priority. Global Vistas focuses on beautiful eclectic forms drived from various cultures across the world. Tailored Expressions embraces traditional elegance and luxurious designs to captivate the imagination.