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About GuildMaster

At Furnitureland South we bring quality, affordable furniture from a variety of manufacturers to our showrooms, and GuildMaster – a rapidly growing manufacturer of design-driven furniture, lighting, accessories and wall art – is one of them.

Founded in Springfield, MO in 1981, GuildMaster owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and China where they employ nearly 400 trained artisans who have a passion for building handcrafted furniture originals at the highest possible standards; emphasizing solid mahogany construction, hand carving and painted accents.

GuildMaster’s award-winning design work is widely recognized throughout the furniture industry, and their drive to develop original products enables them to introduce hundreds of new items every year, keeping the line fresh and exciting.

GuildMaster believes that furniture is the canvas for their original, hand finished designs, which is why they work so passionately on the development of their pieces. They emphasize the importance of mixed materials, combining traditional styles with modern configurations and color, as well as the use of solid wood construction.

Recognizing that it is every company’s responsibility to operate in a manner that is respectful of people and the planet, GuildMaster constantly improves upon the eco friendliness of their business practices and sustainability initiatives. This includes a tree replanting program that has been set up in Indonesia to help combat deforestation.

A company that is so passionate about original artistry and handcrafted furniture can only be found at Furnitureland South. Visit The World’s Largest Furniture Store in High Point, NC, and shop the entire GuildMaster line.

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