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Why Shop Caracole?

Launched in October of 2009, Caracole was born of our vision to create a high style furnishings line with lots of personality and great value. We had a desire to use unique materials for creating standout, stand alone items, not collections. The result is a unique genre in furniture design: distinctive pieces for every room of the home that are sophisticated, fun and, often, multifunctional.

Our style is not rigidly defined, so you can make your own interpretations and choices based on personal tastes. Labeling constraints like “formal” and “casual” don’t apply, since there’s often a bit of both in each piece. We always want to encourage the spirit of creative design freedom – to give our customers an easy way to fully express themselves at home.

Each Caracole item is infinitely adaptable. This is a portfolio that disregards the notion that a particular piece must reside in a particular room. We offer a refreshing range of fashion-forward finishes, textures and materials. We love to produce A-ha! moments with every design solution. Even our product names are conceived to surprise and delight.

To us, Caracole means “a beautiful turn in a new direction,” borrowing from the equestrian dressage term. To you, we hope it means a chance to create the backdrop to the home of your dreams.

Furnitureland South also features a beautiful new Caracole gallery in our store with so many products for you to see and feel. Furnitureland South | Let’s Create Home.