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Meet Natalie Harris

As a Design Consultant at Furnitureland South, Natalie Harris’ desire is to work for you!

Natalie loves every possibility that walks through the door each day at Furnitureland South. She’s excited to help each guest create a home that will serve them well throughout the years. “I get to help create a space that not only serves a purpose, but also reflects the personality of my client,” she said.

Every day the furniture industry is changing, and the endless combinations of styles and ever-changing trends keep her motivated to continuously be better than her last project. As you can probably tell, this is a woman who loves diversity of furniture, but her background in Spanish Linguistics allows her to cater to customers who prefer to interact in Spanish.
The best part of the design process Natalie says is choosing the right accessories to create cohesion within a room. “A room isn’t complete with just the furniture,” she said. “It’s the accessories that add character and depth to a room.”

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