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Meet Missy Caulk

Missy Caulk’s design career has always been defined by a focus on her clients. As a professionally trained designer with a degree in Architectural Interior Design, Missy has shared her love and passion for design with clients for more than twenty-five years. “I feel that it is important to listen to clients and reflect their style, personality and provide a solace from the demands of today.”

Missy believes that the key to every project is color, texture, scale, function and, most importantly, comfort. “The mix, and not the match, is an essential element when creating a personalized home with a WOW factor.” Using color, beautiful fabrics, antiques and collectibles, Missy is able to complete a mix that gives every home the client’s desired aesthetic.

Her keen understanding and skill for collecting and incorporating life experiences into homes makes each of her projects purely individual; and her ability to organize, coupled with years of design expertise, allow her to produce well executed projects with few customer service issues.

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