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Meet Kristin Rowan Grubb

Kristin, a graduate of UNC-Greensboro and the University of South Carolina, has always been very curious and detail-oriented. After several years spent working in the retail fashion industry as a personal stylist, Kristin was thrilled to have the opportunity to bring her love of style out of the closet and into the homes of her clients. She is a lover of all things fun and firmly believes that overwhelming design challenges can easily turn into success stories with the right attitude – and a little guidance. Functionality is often paramount in many clients’ home design needs, and Kristin loves helping to create livable spaces that are beautiful and updated. Her knack for building lasting relationships with her clients ensures that they will have an advocate to turn to for their current and future furniture and design needs.

Kristin’s unique background has proven to be an asset during her time at Furnitureland South, and her favorite part of every project is adding the finishing touches and accents that personalize each room. In her free time, Kristin is having fun renovating and decorating her first house with her husband, Kasey.

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Kristin Grubb is the best. She made our purchase easy and stress free! Gary B.

Kristin Grubb provided us with excellent service! Thank you for all of your help, Kristin. Allan L.

Furnitureland South has a great selection of furniture & wonderful people to help with your furniture shopping. I was very impressed with our designer, Kristin Grubb, and her extensive knowledge of all-things furniture. Kristen has an amazing eye for design along with a wonderful personality. We traveled from Nashville, and it was definitely worth it!! Thank you for everything, Kristin! Jim B.

We had a great experience at Furnitureland South! Kristin Grubb was our Design Consultant and she was excellent! We had described everything we were looking for and all that we needed to Kristin before we made the trip up from Savannah, GA. When we met with Kristin for our appointment, she was so well-prepared! She was able to help us find everything we were looking for and was mindful of our budget throughout our time shopping! I am a happy camper and whole-heartedly recommend Kirsten Grubb as a design consultant who listens well and is organized before your arrival. That made our shopping experience exceptional. You can't beat the selection at Furnitureland South and the professional customer service, especially from someone like Kristen Grubb. Meg M.

I worked with Kristin Grubb; she was so friendly and knowledgeable. Kristin listened to my needs, wants and concerns. She was also patient and understanding! Kristin you are the best! Thank you! Darryl R.

I have been working with Kristin Grubb for the last year, furnishing my 1500 sq. ft. apartment in Manhattan, and she has been an unwavering support to me since day one. Kristin has gone above and beyond her call of duty to help me with everything from furniture and fabric selection to room placement and even measurements to make sure the pieces will fit in our building's elevator. She thinks of everything and she does so in the kindest and most attentive way, always encouraging, always positive minded, always honest.
I know she will tell me the truth when a style just won't mesh well with my decor. She won't hold back her feelings just to make a sale or pressure me to make a choice, but always has my happiness in mind and another recommendation up her sleeve that works so much better! This fortifies my confidence and makes me feel so at ease and understood.
She is also always accessible, has been known to get back to me on her day off, and always touches base with me if she has another appointment to work on so I'm never left hanging. In fact, I've grown quite accustomed to emailing her almost everyday and I look forward to her messages. She has made this whole process so much easier and more enjoyable. I really do not know what I'd have done without her!
To be honest, I am not always easy to work with. I have lots of trouble making decisions. I go over fabrics a million times before I decide. I have spent hours upon hours at the design buildings here in NYC looking through fabrics and Kristin has tirelessly given me her thoughts on the photos I've sent her. She has pulled fabrics for me from the fabric collection at FLS and taken photos of them next to other fabrics I've chosen to see if they match. When I have a question, she's on the phone with the individual companies to find out answers before I even have to ask. She is always patient. Never gets frustrated. She always makes time for me and is genuinely excited about everything we work on. If I start to get discouraged, she puts things in perspective for me and always finds a way to help me relax.
It's amazing how she can do this. She seems to know exactly the right things to say to make me feel better, add clarity and move the project forward.
The service Kristin provides is really unlike anything I've experienced and I can't even begin to mention how many service people I've worked with over the course of purchasing and renovating our apartment. She has topped them all with her devotion, expertise, integrity and personal investment in seeing my project to fruition. In everything she does, she proves to me that she really cares about me and my happiness and the final product. She really wants it all to come together beautifully for me as if it was her own home. I often feel like she walks in my shoes and feels what I feel. She has a talent for making me feel like I am the only customer she has.
And that is where Kristin just shines. I think it is her nature... she is a genuine person who empathizes, listens, makes you feel important.... It's clear she loves what she does and I really hope that she'll be recognized for her dedication and effort, her personality, compassion, understanding and the drive she has to make sure her customers are not just satisfied but truly happy.
Thank you for everything, Kristin! Lori M.

Thank you to Kristin Grubb for making the efforts to make this new home experience as unique as I dreamed to be. Everything looks amazing in our new home and we are so happy with all of the furniture we selected together! Thank you Kristin for all of your hard work, we couldn't have done it without you. Naeema A.

We had a great experience! Kristin Grubb was our Design Consultant and she was a great help! Jan D.

What an absolute pleasure it was working with Kristin Grubb - she was fantastic! Kristin was very knowledgable, extremely responsive & professional. I will certainly work with Kristin again in the future!! Nancy L.

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