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Meet Karen Beveridge

In 2007, after spending years in the legal field, Karen Beveridge joined the Furnitureland South team as a Design Consultant, returning to her true passion of interior design. Her affinity for design – and especially eclectic tastes – in addition to a love of dogs and personal inspiration drawn from time spent in Tampa Bay, FL, prompted Karen to focus on an interesting area of decor: weather and pet-friendly fabrics and furniture.

Outside of work, Karen volunteers with various animal groups across North Carolina that focus their efforts on adoption, foster placement, shelter drives and fund raising. Still, crafting the perfect durable living space is something she truly enjoys, especially since she has a great deal of personal experience with four-legged friends!

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I recently had the pleasure of shopping at Furnitureland South & it has so far exceeded my expectations! I have worked with many designers all over the country and and after working with FLS Design Consultant, Karen Beveridge, I can honestly say that she is the by far the best. Karen is an extremely professional designer who has an amazing working knowledge of the showroom and products. I had originally hoped to furnish a room or two in my new Florida home, but Karen was so efficient, and made it so easy, that I got almost the entire home done in two days!
Furnitureland South is like Disneyland for adults, and Karen Beveridge is definitely the ambassador Walt Disney would hope to have in his employ. What a wonderful experience!! Thank you for everything, Karen. We couldn't have done it without you! Carole S.

I had three days to fill a vacation home including rugs, furniture (upholstered pieces and tables), beds, lamps and accessories. I had the great fortune to find Kathy Field and Karen Beveridge in the Design center of Furnitureland to help me with my choices. I simply could not have done this without their help. It was fun, challenging and so satisfying to put our new place together. It could have been a very daunting and stressful time but with Kathy and Karen I felt calm and assured that the choices I was making were going to fit with my vision and lifestyle. These two women were consummate professionals who knew the showrooms thoroughly. They knew fabrics, the latest trends and improvements in the market, and could answer the many ongoing questions I had. They provided me with fabric samples, pictures, billing statements that explained everything in detail and they fully described the process of delivery and the warranty coverage I purchased.
I cannot imagine going elsewhere for a furniture purchase that would exceed this experience. I HIGHLY recommend Furnitureland and these two marvelous designers. Jeanne S.

Karen Beveridge was a wonderful Design Consultant. She was organized, extremely knowledgeable, had great ideas and spent all day with us. Thank you for everything, Karen! Susan C.