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Meet Costanza Ellertsson

I speak English and Italian, and some French. I have worked in the furniture industry all my life, starting with my family’s business. I have traveled all around the United States, France, Africa, Mauritius, Milano, Bergamo, Verona, Bologna, Padova, Venezia, Florence, Bari, Napoli, Sardegna, Capri, and Positano. When you travel you fulfill your heart, and when you view art you imprint your soul with beauty. You understand the message that the artist wants you to discover… that’s is why I compare beauty, art, furniture and fashion! When you look a beautiful dress, you receive a strong message. When you look a beautiful room, you receive the same strong message! A room can describe your personality exactly like the clothes you wear, the only difference is that you cannot change your furniture every day. You send a strong personal message to your guests. Welcome to my home, this is who I am! I’m a people person and just love interacting with all kinds of people. Listening is my mantra… After I listen to what my clients want, I do my best to fulfill their expectations in the best way possible. Teamwork is my second mantra, we work together and if I think that does not work in the room I will say it from the bottom of my heart! Honesty is my 3rd mantra, because I’m looking for a lifetime relationship with my clients. Let’s create your story!

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