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Meet Catherine Gardner

Born to a painter mother and a mechanical engineer father, Catherine Gardner always strived to pursue a career that would combine their two fields. Naturally, she decided to study Textile Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City; and for more than 20 years she designed upholstery fabrics for both residential and commercial applications.

The idea of combining intricate patterns, beautiful colors and functionality still appeals to Catherine today, and she channels that passion into the relations with her clients, viewing each as a unique opportunity to design something new and different.

Catherine believes that the most important thing she can do for her customers is to make them feel comfortable in their home, which starts and ends with seamless collaboration. “It is of utmost importance that customers design their space with me since it is their home, not mine. I could be working on a sleek modern condominium in New York City one day and a shabby chic cottage the next. The more a customer can tell me about themselves and their lifestyle, the better the end product will be for them.”

Catherine loves what she does, and the selection at Furnitureland South makes it easy for her to design her clients’ dream homes.

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