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Furnitureland South, a retailer doing business in the state of North Carolina, is committed to selecting suppliers who are ethically sound and socially accountable. Mindful that many suppliers are also importers, we seek assurances that they oppose in principal and in practice both human trafficking and slavery in their chain of supply.

By way of verification, we maintain an ongoing effort to identify and evaluate suppliers’ policies addressing this issue. Where no policy is available, we will request the supplier’s certification that they do not tolerate either human trafficking or slavery in their chain of supply.

We have developed internal accountability standards for treatment of suppliers failing to provide credible assurances. Where we find a supplier’s response to be inadequate or unsatisfactory, or if we learn that unethical employment practices exist, we will give written notice and a specified time period within which to implement corrective measures, or to provide adequate, satisfactory assurances of compliance. The notice will include a warning of actions commensurate with the severity of non-compliance, including potential discontinuation of the business relationship.

Acting in good faith with our suppliers, and in reliance upon the integrity of their written representations, we conduct no onsite investigations, nor do we audit or monitor their operations. Every new associate now learns the terms of our policy and their significance during their orientation process. We obtain the associate’s written affirmation of support and their agreement to disclose any discovery of a violation. Our position is also posted on our company intranet and in our company handbook.